Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This is my friend. One of my best friends. My heart. He is one of the reasons my world still turns. 

H is my lover. My sweet buddy. He gives hugs so tight. And sweet kisses on my lips. He sometimes leans his head forward to accept my kisses too. The way he presses his lips together when he smiles. And the way he looks out the side of his eyes to look at you makes me melt. 

He is fun. And full of imagination. He always has a wild story or some idea. He's creative. And just like me. 

But he is so much like his daddy too. The way he is persistent. The way he can sweet talk his way into anything. He will get you before you even realize it. He's definitely a looker too. With those big baby blues and that sandy blonde hair. 

He loves soccer and he loves to run. He's an athlete by nature. Well. Sometimes. He's clumsy like me too. Whoops. But he loves being active. He's so active he's even a restless sleeper. Just like his daddy he talks in his sleep. And moves all about the bed. A sleep walker for sure. 

He is our H. And we love him too much.


Monday, June 16, 2014

our lives lately.

Imagine that. All my posts start out with . . . 'our lives as of lately' comments. Mostly because I simply forget to blog. It's so hard to keep up with all versions of social media. But lately our lives have been turned up side down and right side up . . . and all we are trying to do is stay afloat. For those of you who have kids, I'm sure you know what it means. Just when you think you've accomplished something great with juggling the kids, God gives us another task to overcome. And mine is now the terrible twos. 

Joanie Leigh. My fire cracker. My mini me. My Joanie.

Joanie started preschool in January, so I got accustomed to BOTH the kids being gone a little two days a week. I must add, silence was nice. Now, we are out of school and I couldn't resist but to send them to a 'sitter / nanny' two days a week. Silence is BACK! JL is quite the talker. Or should I say, CHATTER BOX. She talks, non stop. And I mean, NON STOP. And loud. Always so loud. It's like she wants the world to know she's awake and trust me, they usually do. She's beginning to put sentences together which makes for conversations with her. And the word 'no' is used twice as much as a normal toddler. 

"Joanie, do you want a show?"
"Joanie, do you want your shoe?"
"Joanie, do you want a gummie?"

Even when it means yes. Which to all those questions, it's usually a 'yes'. She will get there. I'm sure. But we've also entered the 'terrible twos'. Fits. OH, what fits the girl can pitch. And she buckles. When she doesn't get her way, she swings those arms and slaps her legs. Then drops to her knees. Her newest is when you pick her up to sit her on her bottom for time out, she will bend her legs backwards. Like she is about to go sky diving . . . it's so you can't 'sit her down' in time out. Terd. She's such a terd. She knows! She knows, way too much.

But, she's just a big girl. Growing so fast. She has blossomed into a little girl, for sure. She wakes up every morning and asks to put a bow in her hair. As soon as 'bubba' (what she calls Houston) looks at her and tells her, 'Your pretty, Joanie', she then takes it out. She has found a love for shoes and always wants them on. She now doesn't mind dressing up. Which before she was like the 'Hulk' and would want to rip them off. Imagine that. It's Joanie. But a big girl we have. She has even started potty training. She talks about it, she has sat on the pot and actually tee tee'd a handful of times. YAY. Maybe we are on the 'no more diaper train'. I can dream. Right?

Oh my 21 month old little girl.

And my 4.5 year old little boy. My precious Houston. Such a sweet soul. He's getting so big. Tall. We have finally entered into 4T clothes and I think (only by his large head) that we might enter into 5T 'on time' or even earlier. H is my midget. My small little petite little fella. We were always entering sizes right on the dot. But the last two years we've been behind on entering the 'sizes'. I like to think it's because that boy is so active. I swear that's what keeps him thin. He doesn't walk anywhere. He speed walks. The child would rather run than ride a bike. Which, I have bought him a bike recently (with the training wheels) and all he wants to do is run. I tend to think he will be my cross country runner. (And we think JL will be the soccer player.)

H did play his first season of soccer this year. His FIRST team sport. And it was by far the most precious thing to see that small child out on the big field running with the others. His soccer shirt swallowed him whole and his shorts came down to his ankles, pretty much. He loved it. Daddy bought him his own soccer ball and he was on top of the world. Altho, he didn't quite 'get' the sport just yet, but he will learn. He is going to a 'mega camp' this summer. They will teach him a different sport each day. We shall see. HA. He makes me smile just thinking of that kid running around with his close mouthed smile.

H has been big into army figures and police for quite some time. And I had kind of hoped this would be one to out grow. But no. He's still addicted. Police has been around the longest. But the toy army men, that we trip over and step on . . . that's the newest. He will line them up and have 'wars' on his own. Ha. Such a nut.

We have applied H into the 4k preschool program at the Elementary school. NERVOUS. I hope he gets in. Even tho I will probably ball my eyes out watching him walk into school the first day. Seriously. I will. I will cry. I think realizing that my 'baby boy' isn't much of a baby anymore is just crazy. It's so crazy to watch them grow daily and to think 'school' is forever away . . . and when it arrives . . . you just look back and say, When did this happen? Where did the time go? and How did it go so quick?

Well, here's to new beginnings for me. And praying that I actually keep my word and 'document' my children a bit better than the past. Cheers.

//  love, mommy  //

looking back. and making changes.

Looking back, I now realize I didn't document the way I wish I would have. I kept saying that Facebook was my 'blog' . . . and that I didn't need to write things here too. But tonight, I sat down and re-read my posts that I did write . . . and I wish I would have documented more. Especially more of my kids. Time flies so fast that we forget, until it's passed. Today it really sunk in that I have a 4.5 year old and an almost 2 year old. Gosh. Where did time go?

Here's to 'picking it back up'. Hoping to get my blogging 'back on'.

//  love, mommy  //

Monday, April 15, 2013


April has come and is now half way gone. How is that! So fast.

This month we have all been sick. So far several times. I've had a sinus infection + a bad head cold / virus along with the kids. Now H has a fever of 102.1 and on Tylenol. Blah. Always something, right? I have been doing some contract work for my old company, Pure Fishing. And loving it. I forgot what it was like to do 'real' work. Not that what in doing isn't real. But maybe not as structured. Either way, it's been nice getting back into the 'work field'. It's been exhausting tho. Working till 2 am most nights to keep up with the normal sessions / edits / design work / etc. and in too of being sick.

We were sick over Easter. So we didn't get any Easter pics. Tear. But we 'reenacted' it this past Sunday w the kids. Crazy to see 4, FOUR, kids in the Easter picture now. And next year will make six! That's right. Six. Crazy!

This past weekend my friend Kelli had her first baby shower. It was weird sitting there watching her open presents. Thinking, we are at this stage in our lives??? I mean, clearly. I have two kids. But to see it happening to others!? My goodness. And today, I got a sweet text saying that my soon to be niece (not blood related but I am still claiming her as my niece) Charlee will be here for sure next Tuesday -- that is if she doesn't come on her own before then. AHH! I'm beyond thrilled! All these babies. It feel like yesterday they all told me they were pregnant!!!

And speaking of time flying . . . Have you seen this little girl?????

Gosh. She's beginning to really shine. Her personality is so cute! I can't get enough. She'll be 7 months this week. Gasp.

And this little fella. He's my world.

Growing fast. Talking up a storm. Carrying on conversations. I mean, really!!! I'm not suppose to be talking to my own kid in the phone!!! Sigh.

Anyways, sorry so long since the last post. I said I'd be better this go round. But in not. I try! I also said I would work out better this go round and well. . . Whoops. I am starting too tho. For real! Haha. Stay tuned for results!

Till then, I've decided to wear lipstick. Haha. We will see. Still iffy on it.

// love, mommy //

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