Tuesday, June 17, 2014


This is my friend. One of my best friends. My heart. He is one of the reasons my world still turns. 

H is my lover. My sweet buddy. He gives hugs so tight. And sweet kisses on my lips. He sometimes leans his head forward to accept my kisses too. The way he presses his lips together when he smiles. And the way he looks out the side of his eyes to look at you makes me melt. 

He is fun. And full of imagination. He always has a wild story or some idea. He's creative. And just like me. 

But he is so much like his daddy too. The way he is persistent. The way he can sweet talk his way into anything. He will get you before you even realize it. He's definitely a looker too. With those big baby blues and that sandy blonde hair. 

He loves soccer and he loves to run. He's an athlete by nature. Well. Sometimes. He's clumsy like me too. Whoops. But he loves being active. He's so active he's even a restless sleeper. Just like his daddy he talks in his sleep. And moves all about the bed. A sleep walker for sure. 

He is our H. And we love him too much.



  1. Email about all the underwear he has. this is NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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