Friday, February 22, 2013

Catching up

I fell off the blogging train for a little. But I have so much to share! I just couldn't stay away much longer!

JL is 5 months old. Ah. And we now have a sitter. She still wobbles and it doesn't last too long. But it's still a sit. The longest she's done lasted a couple minutes! Whoa-hoo.

We've been at Edisto with my parents since Wednesday. And it's been fun, but exhausting as always when traveling w two small ones who want their own beds. H has done much much better. Sleeps all night. Whew. But JL was up every other hour. Blah. But I will say, we've begun to eat 3 containers of no.2 foods. Ha. PIG. I know.

We've gone to the beach. To the playground. To play putt putt. To shops. And to dinners. All mostly to wear my lil boy out. And he is.

He fell asleep watching the Daytona qualifying races with pops. Haha.

My friend Angela is in from WA. And we have a wedding tonight in Charleston. A friend of ours is getting married!! So, we shall have fun! Daddy's coming too!

But, JL isn't so sure if me leaving her.

// love, mommy //

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