Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Busy Christmas

Since our last post, we have been busy trying to prepare for our Christmas Celebrations.

We've been to Raleigh / Liberty, NC for my dad's family Christmas, to Greenville, SC for Matt's mom's family Christmas, we've had a friends Christmas dinner, been up to Jojo's for her family Christmas and then around back and forth in Chapin for our families Christmas' . . . whew. Not to mention a few Christmas 'parties' here or there.

I have photos for 'most' of our Christmas events . . . to be posted soon. But, till then, we just wanted to wish you all a VERY (late) Merry Christmas!

I've been sick with a nasty virus of some sort that has made Christmas quite 'blurry' due to meds and such . . . but, overall, it was a wonderful time with us Billingsley's. Matt was off for 5 straight days and we LOVED every minute of daddy being home with us!

Houston got more than enough for Christmas! Although, he could careless about the opening of gifts . . . he was quite excited at each new toy that was presented to him. 

We have also been accused on 6 different accounts to being pregnant since my nasty virus is making me feel so sick . . . but, I can assure all of you that is NOT the case! Our little Houston Monster is just enough for us!! AND, not to mention, he will be turning TWO in just a couple of weeks!! So, details on his birthday party will be soon to come!!

My, lots to catch up on. Seems like I never get a break! j.

Friday, December 9, 2011

We've got a Monster.

Before you read and view the image below . . .  P-L-E-A-S-E don't pay attention to his outfit - -which now you will cause I said not too -- But know, it was hard enough just to get the 'mismatching' clothes on him that day.

Anyways . . . Houston's BIG thing now is to 'scare' you. He will jump out from a corner / hide behind a door / squat down beside the couch just to 'jump' -- in his case, big step -- out in front of you and say, 'ARRRH' -- and he says it pretty loud . . . several times in a row . . . and then he screams at you and run . . . Just to come back and do it again . . . and again.

Please take a look at this face you get to see when he is being his 'monster'.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Addition(s)

When Jackson went missing, Matt and I started to get lonely. Mason, our other kitty, mainly stays outside . . . so we N-E-V-E-R see him. We wanted a kitty to snuggle with and show US some attention! So, Matt started looking . . . we looked at several places (5, I think) in Columbia and didn't find any kitty that 'clicked' with us. Finally one night . . . Matt saw 'Jewel' -- renamed to 'Millie', and still being discussed -- in Aiken, SC. Of course, he always finds the good cats at some shelter where we have to drive an hour to get there! Mr. Zoe came from Newberry and Jackson came from Camden . . . and now, our new addition was coming from Aiken.

So, one Tuesday, Houston and I set down the road, on our journey to bring home 'Millie'. The only problem was . . . I found another kitty I fell in love with! Whoopsie! I couldn't help it! He was so cute!! His name was 'Xane', renamed to 'Sloan'. He had these puffy big eyes and was just staring at me! And playing with 'Millie' . . . I couldn't resist! I texted Matt if I could bring home two -- his response -- 'NO!' -- And so I did anyways. Whoopsie. BUT come on! I couldn't resist!

Look how cute they are! And they are best buds! They cuddle together and play together . . . How could you split that up! Not to mention, Houston is in LOVE with them!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

22 months

It is hard to believe that I have a 23 month old 'beebee' boy. Yes, I said 'baby' . . . because after all, he is my baby. And yes, I now know why mom's don't let their little boys grown up - Sigh - because it all goes w-a-y to fast. It just seems like yesterday that Houston was born . . . and we were welcoming our first born into our home. Now, a month shy of TWO years, I have a toddler.

As we enter the Holiday Season and a New Year, Houston's birthday will follow shortly (2 weeks, ahem, who's counting?) after . . . and I will officially have a 2 year old toddler. I have been excited for his second birthday for months . . . another party to plan, invitations to make, ideas to gather . . . but all the excitement is slowly slipping away. I am beginning to feel a bit sad. Sad that my baby boy, isn't a baby any more. I see all of our friends starting their 'new' families . . . and watching 'beebees' pop out left and right . . . it's making me want another one --- scrrrrrch (as Houston would say) ---Whoa Whoa. Hit the breaks . . . I was just kidding.

In the meantime, watch my lil' beebee grow!

*22 months