Wednesday, December 7, 2011

22 months

It is hard to believe that I have a 23 month old 'beebee' boy. Yes, I said 'baby' . . . because after all, he is my baby. And yes, I now know why mom's don't let their little boys grown up - Sigh - because it all goes w-a-y to fast. It just seems like yesterday that Houston was born . . . and we were welcoming our first born into our home. Now, a month shy of TWO years, I have a toddler.

As we enter the Holiday Season and a New Year, Houston's birthday will follow shortly (2 weeks, ahem, who's counting?) after . . . and I will officially have a 2 year old toddler. I have been excited for his second birthday for months . . . another party to plan, invitations to make, ideas to gather . . . but all the excitement is slowly slipping away. I am beginning to feel a bit sad. Sad that my baby boy, isn't a baby any more. I see all of our friends starting their 'new' families . . . and watching 'beebees' pop out left and right . . . it's making me want another one --- scrrrrrch (as Houston would say) ---Whoa Whoa. Hit the breaks . . . I was just kidding.

In the meantime, watch my lil' beebee grow!

*22 months

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