Monday, December 31, 2012


Today I had a wedding in Charleston with Tomme Hilton of Tomme Hilton Gallery. I left at noon and arrived just shy of midnight. Sigh. Long day! When I arrived home tonight, my babies were already put to bed. Thanks hubs!

However, I had a 2:30 calling from Joanie.

She had rolled over and couldn't turn back to her tummy. Double sigh.

I leave for 12 hours and I come back to my booger boos already grown! I can't believe it's time. It's time for us to have a roller!

OH!!! And speaking of rolls. Our lil' Rollie Pollie had rice cereal night before last. And her face:

She hates it. She cried for an hour after. Ha. She's still a boob baby!

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Monday, December 24, 2012


I've never made a gingerbread house. And this year Houston pointed it out in the store. So I decided to take it upon myself to do the train one with him!

Ha. Disaster!!

The dang thing wouldn't stay together. It ended up falling down. And I swear we were missing a piece.

Oh well. H had fun! He ate it the whole time. Haha.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A little jlb love

Just wanted to show a sweet happy JL face :)

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My update

So, it hurts. It hurts like shiz-nit. Ugh. I called the doctor yesterday because over the weekend I thought I had developed a tooth ache or something else. So, I wanted to get it checked. AND because I was out of my pain meds!!! I've had to double up the pills just to I can get by since early Saturday morning.

It turns out I had an infection where they attached the tissue on the left side + a blood clot on the roof of my mouth where they removed the tissue. Ouch.

It was painful! The periodontist had to numb the roof of my mouth (one shot) to push the blood clot out. As well as numb my left side (three shots) to remove some of the infection. However, apparently once there's an infection, you can't totally numb the area to remove all feeling. SO, I felt him scratching away the infection and removing some stitches. Yep. I cried. I balked like a baby! Haha.

It's official I'm one of those who says, "I'd rather give birth to a child than do this again." And I'm glad I went ahead and did both my left and right side at the same time. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have ever done this surgery again! Although, he did say mine was a rare infection that can happen . . . But doesn't happen too often.

Yep. It would be me. So. Today in on the road to recovery. I do feel less 'heartbeat' on my left side. But it still aches.

// On the bright side // Christmas is around the corner and I have completed my shopping!

'Tis the season y'all!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Keaton Lee Lindler

I'm excited to announce I will be the aunt to a sweet lil . . .

. . . Baby!

Ha. So, little did I know, my sister found out what she was having today! I thought she had a regular check up . . . But she also had an appointment to find out the sex of her baby!

She came home and we immediately casted a vote on whether she'd be having // hair bows // or // lumberjack boots //

. . . And the tally was 27 GIRL and 38 BOY.

So . . .

We are excited to be the Aunt and Uncle of a sweet baby wearing . . .

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Moose jammies

My little boy is so stinking cute. I mean, duh! Look where the cutie came from! Laugh. I'm kidding!

But seriously, tell me he doesn't rock these awesome moose jammies?

I've been wanting to get home some of these footed ones because his little feet get so cold at night. He moves so much when he sleeps, so he doesn't keep a blanket on him. And sometimes he will wear socks to bed and sometimes he won't. SO, I built up this big deal about these moose jammies with feet and he LOVES them! Yay! Who knew. I thought it'd be a bust. But nope. He was sporting them all around the house!

Thank goodness!! Because I got him more for his birthday! Ha.

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I'm an Aunt x3

Not sure if most of you know, but I am becoming an Aunt again in June!!! And I'm beyond thrilled!!

We will be introducing baby Lindler the first week or so of June! Yay!! And the first of January, they find out what they will be having! The name has already been decided on . . . A name for either boy and girl :) which I LOVE! It's so unique and THEM! If you know it, don't you love it!? If you haven't heard, I'll wait for the gender reveal!!

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Saturday, December 15, 2012


I think it's safe to say that I am the worlds worst speller / typer. I just went back and reread some of the recent blogs and found numerous typos. Baha. Oh well, right? I mean, y'all got the point of the posts. But, I wanted you to know, I'm fully aware if my mishaps.

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Friday, December 14, 2012


I know y'all are all so concerned about how I'm doing. (Insert sarcasm). So, I'll up date you.

I missed my 2:30 meds due to sleep. Not sure which was more important. But now I have some aching on my left side. It's not too bad. Bearable. But annoying. I'm suppose to be sleeping. But j cant now. And ESP since Joanie Leigh is still asleep!

She cried for roughly 2 hours last night. Ah. Made me melt. We knew she was hungry because she only ate 2 bottles yesterday! She's normally a pig. And for her to deny any food . . . Sucks. She hates the bottle! So I broke down and fed her. My doc told me to wait at least 12 hrs, 24 would be best and 36 to be absolutely sure. But after her denying bottles all day and hearing her cry for 2 hours, I gave in. I guess it really is official, she's a boob baby.

I did consult with another breast feeding mom / doctor and has several nursing / doctor friends. So, made me feel better. She's an awesome 'go to'.

I pumped for 9 months with Houston. And that didn't bother me. But looks like ill be breast feeding Joanie till she's one! Laugh. Nah. We are going to keep trying bottles and see how she does. Matt can usually get her to take one or two from him. But anymore than that, she's done.

Oh Joanie.

So I've been investing in more breast feeding clothes / bras / tanks. I didn't with Houston because I would just go into a private room and pump. But looks like ill be feeding more frequently with Tubbs.

Houston, on the other hand, is talking in his sleep. So confusing for me because he will wake up, calm for me, "mama, I need you." And by the time I get there, he's asleep. So, he has to be sleep talking! I've noticed it several times. Jess was really bad at this. Maybe that's one of the traits he got from me (since he's all daddy).

Ok. I've been awake for an hour. It's time I go back to sleep. Till next convenient blog post!

I love this app.

Oh, wanted to share a little photo :) trying to do at least one with each post!

"Inna hold Toni, mama. I hold her. "

He loves her. And she loves him! So crazy. They have an unspoken bond!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Yes. I am blogging about apps on my phone and the reason I am is because . . . I just got the app to blog from my phone!


Now I can keep it up to date! Great tool for the 4am feedings OR the pump sessions OR car rides. Yay! So for those of you who keep up with my blog , you 'should be' for ever updated!

Here's an update:

A cute lil photo of Joanie Leigh!

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Gum graph

This morning I had a gun graft on two teeth, one on the left and one on the right. I am not afraid to admit that I was nervous going into it. Mostly because my experience having my wisdom teeth removed was awful! Probably one of the worst pains I vividly remember.

However, this (so far) isn't all that bad. I've slept most of the morning. And kept up with my pain meds. Whew. But I know the next couple days might be different. Fingers crossed!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Joanie Leigh now has a sympathy cry. Every time Houston gets into trouble and is pouting . . . This is her face.

Oh what a sympathy cryer!

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

our life.

our life lately has been quite hectic. Between me working / staying home with two kids / daddy working / daddy's soccer . . . it makes time FLY. We are always busy. And haven't had but ONE or TWO free weekends since Joanie has been born. Sigh. But, we love it.

Houston is enjoying school . . . and talking up a storm. He's doing well with his 'sentence completion' -- laugh -- making full sentences. It's so cute! He loves holding Joanie and helping us with her. He's still quite obsessed with cars. And LOVES Chocolate milk. I have to keep holding my tears back when I think he will be THREE in a month. Yes. THREE. I better get on that 'party planning'.

Joanie is growing so much. She is about 13lbs. Yes. 13! She's such a chunk! She will be 3 months soon . . . and I think we may need to up her clothes size to 6 months! Laugh. My lil' tubs. I am still calling her Joanie vs. Joanie leigh . . . but I've been working on it. I really want Joanie Leigh to stick . . . but it's so hard! Ha. She still LOVES her milk. She eats ALL the time!! Joanie loves to smile at you now . . . and coo! She's quite the talker.

I will post more soon!