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Brandy's Birthday Celebrations

Today is Brandy's Birthday! So, we had her celebrations on Sunday at JoJo's (of course!).

We had a great dinner -- prepared by the best -- with Italian Wedding Cake and Apple Pie for dessert (and pink ice cream for Josie - aka Cherry Vanilla) -- Time to light the candles so we can DIG in!!

*Josie and Edwin put the candles on the cake!

*Mommy and Wes blowing out the candles.

Then its was time for Josie -- ahem, I mean Brandy to open her gifts. (for those of you who dont know, Josie begins opening your presents for you. So, some of Brandy's were already 'unwrapped' by the time she got to them.)

*Yes Brandy, We are all excited! Its a ovenmitt like Rachel Ray!

Brandy got lots of goodies from ovenmitts, to a new purse, to lots of clothes, gift cards and even a Lemon Tree! Christmas? Nah, just a birthday! OR Birphday as Bob Bob calls them.

After all the presents, it was family fun time! Which these days mainly focuses on the kiddos... SO, here are few snap shots.

*Notice Wes and his pink jacket -- yes, TRUE men are secure with their manhood when they wear PINK!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

While I sleep...

Some of you may know, I sleep in odd positions.  For those of you who dont know, Matt makes fun of me when I sleep. I know I sleep in odd positions - BUT - he proceeds to make fun of me ALL the time...

Now I can see why -- I never knew they were the positions were this bad!

Go ahead, Laugh at me. I know. I laughed forever at this picture!! So, I had to put it up! I was apparently crossing my legs -- dont ask why. It must have been comfortable!

OH - and have no fear, there are shorts somewhere under the legs.

But Hey -- I am not the only one who sleeps in funny positions

Although, When Mr. Zoe does it -- its cute!  Too bad people dont say, "awe" when I sleep. Maybe I will try working on positions that's 'Cute'.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Belle and Pollie

For those of you who dont know, Belle is our 6 year old Black Lab. She is such a good dog!!

*As you can tell from her picture pose. Such a model.

And this weekend we got the pleasure of keeping Miss Pollie (Matt's parent's dog). She is a 2 year old Black Lab. She is such a sweetie -- but still a puppy!

It was hard to get her to sit still for a good picture. This was about the only one I could get of her face!

Belle and Pollie sure have enjoyed each others company! They play together, sleep together, run together, pee together, they even wait by the door together...

(This was when Matt came home from work -- they love him.)

This is them playing together... hard to take good shots when all they do is run and chase each other! As soon as I click the button - they are off to the other side of the yard!

Overall, its been a good visit with Pollie! Belle will be glad to relax some when Pollie leaves.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

28.5 weeks

Taking pics of me is getting hard. I cant 'turn' to the side like I used too. J.

This is my reflection on our sliding door today while taking Belle and Pollie (Matt's parents dog) out to the bathroom.

Sneak Peek

From here on out - I will be giving 'sneak peeks' to the nursery until its finished!

So, here is the first PEEK.

Happy Birthday JoJo -- mhmm.

For those of you who dont know why we say - "mhmm." after "Happy Birthday JoJo" -- its because a couple years ago I called JoJo on her Birthday to wish her a Happy Birthday. However, usually when you call someone they say, "Hello" -- Not JoJo -- She said, "Happy Birthday to JoJo, mhmm."  -- which throws you for a loop, What do you say to someone who already has said your line? Laugh. SO now, we just make fun of her and add, "mhmm." after JoJo.

What a lady she is.

SO - Monday was JoJo's Birthday (79 and looking younger ea. year!). The family (and a few friends) celebrated with - you guessed it - Dinner and presents!! Here are a few photos from the eventful evening!

Everyone was celebrating JoJo's birthday w. a beer or a glass of wine - even Josie -- Have no fear - it wasnt wine.

It was Sparkling Grape Juice (Josie's wine).

Wes was not center of attention - its not too often that he is. But, he was ready to party for JoJo's Birthday like everyone else!

Jean and Jeff down the street came to help us all celebrate JoJo's Birthday!

The nice yummy cake Bob Bob made!

Josie was asking Fred where his 'baby' was and pulling up his shirt -- she has been quite confused w. me being pregnant. She thinks everyone who has a 'belly' also has a 'baby' -- whoops. She will learn.

Josie helping JoJo blow out the candles -- Dave and I lit the candles and by the time I took the cake to JoJo and turned around to get the camera -- the show was over. Josie has become a master at blowing out candles (since everyone else's birthday is her chance to blow out candles).

And Wes is still learning. He almost has it! Maybe by his 2nd birthday in April he will be blowing like a champ!

*Please visit the Frick's blog for more photos of JoJo's Birthday. For some reason, I never got a shot of the Birthday girl and Brandy didnt get too many shots of her kids. The roles were reversed that night -- I focused on Josie and Wes  - Brandy focused on the Birthday girl,  JoJo.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday PaPaw!

The [newest] Billingsley's want to wish PaPaw a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Papaw is the one on the Right (next to Donna)

- Matt, Erica and Houston

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Houston's Room

The crib is in and it is now up! and the room is slowly looking like Houston's nursery!

Here are a few shots from the night we put up the crib!

and the finish product....

We dont have the mattress in yet, but got anxious to see what the bedding looked like! Hopefully soon we will have the mattress and the bedding all together! Until then, here are a few shots of what the bedding looks like...

Right now Daddy is painting the rest of the furniture... once he completes it, we will post the finish product!

Stay posted to see Houston's Finished Room!

Monday, October 12, 2009

27 weeks

Houston is growing and so is my belly!

.1 year anniversary.

This weekend was our 1 year anniversary! I cant believe its already flown by! Matt and I went on a 'anniversary/babymoon' trip this weekend to Asheville, NC. The mountains were beautiful and the leaves were beginning to change. They had some color but mostly still green -- they will be beautiful in the next couple weeks or so.

We went up Friday night and ate dinner at a lil' hole in the wall - Nona Mia - Italian Restaurant. It was great! The best food we probably had all weekend. Then Saturday we had a nice stroll around downtown and visited lots of shops -- there was an art festival going on -- so of course, we made our way around each vendor! And we loved the architecture!

Later that afternoon we had a two hour spa day! And got massages and a body wrap! It felt amazing! After be rejuvenated at Shoji Spa, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner!

*Notice my pearl necklace? Matt gave me that for our one year! It matches the pearl bracelet his mom gave me for my wedding gift last year! What a sweetie =)

On our way to dinner the sky was the best color! It was orange and purple and blues.... it was so pretty!

We had dinner at Decade's - it was such a nice quiet restuarnt that play jazz music and had a black girl singing -- beautiful voice! It was a great end to the evening!

Sunday, we rode over to the Biltmore Village, walked around the shops and ate lunch! Then, headed home to have cake and stare at our bottle of Champage the Shumates gave us as our wedding gift. We attempted to open it -- then decided to wait till next year when we can actually drink the entire bottle! CHEERS TO A GREAT WEEKEND!