Monday, October 26, 2009

Brandy's Birthday Celebrations

Today is Brandy's Birthday! So, we had her celebrations on Sunday at JoJo's (of course!).

We had a great dinner -- prepared by the best -- with Italian Wedding Cake and Apple Pie for dessert (and pink ice cream for Josie - aka Cherry Vanilla) -- Time to light the candles so we can DIG in!!

*Josie and Edwin put the candles on the cake!

*Mommy and Wes blowing out the candles.

Then its was time for Josie -- ahem, I mean Brandy to open her gifts. (for those of you who dont know, Josie begins opening your presents for you. So, some of Brandy's were already 'unwrapped' by the time she got to them.)

*Yes Brandy, We are all excited! Its a ovenmitt like Rachel Ray!

Brandy got lots of goodies from ovenmitts, to a new purse, to lots of clothes, gift cards and even a Lemon Tree! Christmas? Nah, just a birthday! OR Birphday as Bob Bob calls them.

After all the presents, it was family fun time! Which these days mainly focuses on the kiddos... SO, here are few snap shots.

*Notice Wes and his pink jacket -- yes, TRUE men are secure with their manhood when they wear PINK!


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