Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Heffley's came to visit!

Matt's aunt Kathy just moved here from Texas but her kiddos still live there. SO, this past week was their spring break and they came to SC to visit the family!  Matt has always talked so highly of them and wanted me to meet them FOREVER (since we met in 2005)! However, I didn't get to meet Nicole until our wedding in 2008. And JUST met Corey last summer! We love them to death and enjoy their visits! We just wish they could stay LONGER!

This is Corey and his Girlfriend with Houston.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Zoo Days

About a week ago, we took our first trip to the ZOO! We went with Brandy, Josie, Wes, Jess, Cindy and Tyler. We had a great time!! Houston didnt really do much, other than sleep and sit there... but the other kiddos had a BLAST!! Take a look:

These are the three monkeys we chased all day! 
*Tyler, Josie, Wes


Sunday, March 28, 2010

ducky ducky

Houston gets a warm 'bath' every night... its more like a soak. But Daddy and Houston play with ducky's the entire time. It's the best part of bath time, right?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Naked Butt

I see your heinie, all white and shiny. And when it wiggles, it makes me giggle! ha-ha-ha.

Ruby (the lady who used to keep Brandy, Jess and I when we were little) she used to sing this to us all the time!

Sigh. I love naked babies! Just too cute!

And you know you do too!

We can TALK

Houston is such a good baby... ahem, yea we like to brag. But come on, wouldn't you!

Houston is starting to talk to us. We either lay him down in his bed or in our laps... and he just coos at us!

Granddaddy turned 91

My granddaddy (Houston's Great Granddaddy) turned 91 on March 10th! Pops, Bob Bob, Houston and I went up to celebrate with Aunt Carol, Uncle Stan and Aunt Suzanne.

(I am still waiting on pics from Bob Bob of Granddaddy holding Houston)

Happy Birthday Granddaddy!

Houston's Baptism

Houston got baptized 2 weeks ago. Yes, 2 weeks ago. And I am just now blogging!!  (as you can tell... things have changed around here!) BUT, if you keep up w. Brandy's (my sister) blog... she already wrote about Houston's Baptism!

Houston wore a 'dress' (as Grant called it all day). It was Houston's Great Great Granddaddy's christening gown (JoJo's daddy). It was almost 113 years old!! And in great condition and still BEAUTIFUL!

This is the bib Bob Bob and Pops got him! Brandy, Dave, Josie and Wes even gave him a burp cloth that had a cross on it.

After he was baptized, we took off Grandpa Williams gown and Houston wore Matt's Christening outfit! It was a day of traditions all around!!

We then ate lunch with lots of family and friends! And Houston got lots of lil' gifts (bible story books, baptism picture frames, outfits, etc.)
Not only did Houston get baptized, but Matt and Edwie joined the church! 
 It was a good Sunday!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthdays Birthdays and more Birthdays

Well, its been a while since I have posted a Birthday post! Especially since our family has a Birthday EVERY WEEK!! (it sure feels like it!)

We have had Aunt Barbara's Birthday (Matt's Aunt, aka Donna's Sister), Uncle Jimmy's Birthday (Matt's Uncle, aka the Beamguards), Aunt Linda's Birthday (my uncle's fiancee), my Granddaddy's birthday (TURNED 91!!) and Duke's Birthday (Matt's dad, aka Bob)

my goodness... did I leave anyone out? Cause I am sure I did!!

Here are a few photos from Aunt Linda's Birthday at Jojo's...

Linda got the perfume she has been wanting!! Hope you enjoy it!

I will post photos of Granddaddy's birthday soon! AND, in a few weeks it will be Dave's birthday! Sigh. Anymore after that!? Have no fear... I think between Matt and I we have a birthday a month... sometimes 2 or 3! YIKES!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Visit w. the Beamguards

Last Saturday Aunt GaGa (Matt's Aunt, Donna's Lil' sister) and Uncle Jimmy came to see Houston for the first time! They were going to a USC basketball game that night, so they stopped by before the game. And Matt made sure Houston was wearing a USC outfit for them!

Houston sure did love them! GaGa fed him a bottle... 

While Uncle Jimmy (GaGa's hubby) talked and played with Houston.  Jimmy was so good with Houston, I didnt think he wanted to leave and go to the game!! He even held Houston while he was fussy and GaGa gave him kisses! Such a trooper you are Jimmy!
We had a great visit and hope to see them again soon!!