Sunday, March 21, 2010

We can TALK

Houston is such a good baby... ahem, yea we like to brag. But come on, wouldn't you!

Houston is starting to talk to us. We either lay him down in his bed or in our laps... and he just coos at us!


  1. I love the cooing! You can almost imagine what they are thinking with their facial expressions that go along with the cute coos! lol I was playing with Cassidy today and she was giggling and I said "I love my Cassie Jo" and she made a coo that sounded like she was saying I love you... just the vowels if that makes sense in baby talk lol! I about cried!

  2. Just wait until you are not paying attention to them and they yell at you for it. It is the funniest thing... oh my goodness! Houston is absolutely beautiful!