Saturday, February 27, 2010

Priceless Moments

These are the moments you never want to pass by.

PROS in Training.

This is Uncle Grant and Uncle Griff feeding Houston... they are learning. 

But, Houston doesn't seem to mind as long as he gets his belly full!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Billingsley Great-Grands.

Houston finally met Papaw and Grandma Jo! We had a nice lunch with them last week and a great visit!

*Houston sure did enjoy getting lots of love from the Billingsley Great Grands!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

1 Month Old

My baby was officially 1 Month Old this week. tear.

We had our check up with the Pediatrician Friday morning and the results:

PERFECT! duh! What else would they have to say...

Weight: 9lbs 10oz. (50th Percentile)
Height: 21.25 in. (50th Percentile)
Head: 14.75 in. (just under 50th Percentile)

See... he is perfect!!

AND, Matt and I also got to witness our first smile... Our first smile by talking to him! He has smiled before... but mainly in his sleep and he doesnt know he is doing it. But this time... ITS A REAL ONE!

Not only is Houston smiling a little more... but he also grew out of his first outfit!! tear. 

*Note: We had to unbutton the neck.

*It was gaping everywhere. 

We cannot believe he is now a month old. And we love him more and more each day! Kisses!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Houston's First Snow

Since it doesn't snow much in South Carolina, we HAD to get Houston out for at least a picture... OR two!!

But, we did have him wrapped up nice and tight!! So, he stayed very warm for the 5 seconds we stepped outside to take a picture.

The snow was so pretty! We wish we could have enjoyed it a little more... But, Matt and I were still getting over the cold that Houston already BEAT! His immune system is so strong!!
At least we did get a photo of him in his first snow! Even if he never remembers it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daddy Time vs. Mommy Time

This is how 'Daddy time' usually ends up...


While Mommy time is straight business... 


Houston LOVES his naps and his bottles... but we think he loves his food the most!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Scrub-a-dub in the TUB

his week, Matt, Houston and I have been fighting off a cold. Our lil' man was running a fever of 100.5 Wednesday night. Luckily, the fever broke and we are now in the process of getting the yuck stuff out of our systems! Sadly enough, Houston's first night in his lil' bath tub was a sick night. So, we did not take pictures... but, have no fear!! I took plenty the next night when we were feeling 10 times better!! Take a look of his scrub in the tub!

Houston really loves his baths too. He just sits there and kicks his lil' feet. Maybe its a sign he will be a good swimmer! Lake Murray here we come!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here are a few snap shots of our lil' man.

Two days old... coming home from the hospital.

His Bilirubin light to get rid of his Jaundice... all gone now!! 
5 days old. 

Daddy feeding me for the first time! 
2.5 weeks old

sleeping peacefully. 

He is so beautiful! We just love him!! 
3 weeks old. 

Pop's Birthday!

Now, the last of the Birthday Celebrations until March!!

Celebrating the 3rd birthday in a row... is POPS' Birthday!!

Jess and Edwin hosted Pops' Birthday party at their house!!

Happy Birthday Pops! Houston loves you!

And of course so does Josie! And she has to help open gifts! DUH!

While Wes goofs off with Aunt Jessie. 

Pops got lots of fishing accessories from all the kiddos!! And yet again, Josie and Wes must help open all gifts!

Pops going to blow out his candles... but... wait... 

Let Josie and Wes make your wish for you!

 Over and Over again... okay, enough spit in the Banana Pudding... lets eat it!!

Josie's Birthday

Josie's 3rd Birthday.

Houston was born on Jan. 18th
Josie was born on Jan. 23rd
Pops was born on Feb. 1st


Well, Since we have already talked about Houston's... it is now Josie's turn!!

Josie, Houston and Wes at Josie's  3rd Birthday party!


Matt and Josie read a book during 'rest time' before the PARTY began!

Josie helped do her decorations for the Pink Party all week long... take a look at the Pink Decor.


Bob Bob and Wes enjoying some snacks before the party!

Josie even took photos of her own Party.

All of her gifts!! That sure is a lot of gifts for a 3 year old!! And it took her FOREVER to open them all!!
And we had cake and ice cream! YUM!

While Josie opened her gifts and enjoyed the party, Houston slept... and got loved on!!


I cant believe our lil' Jo-Juice (that is how she used to say her name) is 3!! Happy Birthday Josie!

First week home

The first week home was quite the change (as all mothers know this feeling). We did have to deal with Jaundice -- which we were in and out of doctor appointments the first week home and we also had to put Houston on the Bilirubin light... meaning my son was a glow worm for the first week!!! Check out our lil' man for the first week!

We also gave Houston his first bath...
He is such a cutie. We couldnt stop taking pictures! These are his prayer hands...

Nana and Papa came down to see him too!! Nana and Papa are Deeda's parents (Houston's Great Grandparents!)


So many visitors and many more to go!
We are so blessed!