Monday, August 31, 2009

Jump in the Bump

After a long day of working, I laid down in the bed. BUT to my surprise, someone wasnt tired! Baby 'b' was wide awake and moving! For the first time (well second really) I realized, it was definitely the baby. To most mothers, 'its an unexplainable feeling' - to be honest - it really is. It kind of feels like a gas bubble that never settles. But, its the best feeling in the world. Now Baby 'b' just jumps and jumps. I feel it every day - some days are still questionable - but most days its definite movement.

21 weeks

Saturday, August 29, 2009


This is the week the belly said, 'Pop'. It's offical, I have a belly. Well, most of the time. I am still growing slowly but surely! I have sucessfully gained 10lbs and it will only keep going up!

Its hard to believe that its already 20 weeks! We are so excited and cannot wait to find out what Baby 'B' is!

The Kittrell Wedding

19 weeks

Our good friends Maegan and Barrett got married! Maegan and I roomed together my last year at Winthrop and have been great friends since. I just love her! Her husband and Matt met and are inseparable when we get together. All they talk about is Gamecocks and Dave Mathews. What a combination!

Congrats Kittrell's!


The Rash

18 weeks

08.08.09, Saturday
Matt and I went over the my parents house and swam on the lake before our big birthday celebration (Jess, Edwin and I all had one birthday dinner since our birthday's are 4 days apart).

08.09.09, Sunday
Woke up Sunday morning itching. I could not figure out what this itch was. Gosh. It wont stop. I pull up my shirt to find small red bumps to cover my chest, a ring around my belly button and a strip that lead to my back. Great. I itched all day. Now the bumps turned into whelps. Ah. Stop itching please. At this point, I figured I got a rash from the lake. Odd. Never happened before.

08.10.09, Monday
The rash had now spread to my arms and legs. Ouch. It hurts. The worse part was that I share an office with another person. A man. So, itching my chest is not quite the thing 'you' want to do with another man present. Oh, but I couldnt help it.

At this point, I had enough. My neighbor is a nurse, so I decided, I'll ask her - if she says go to the doctor, I will. So, needless to say, go to the doctor. I had told Matt I was going to call them in the a.m. - however, Matt had a better solution. Google. Duh, you can make any diagnosis through WebMD. Laugh. Matt googled my 'symptoms' and told me, "Well, its one of two things" - my thought, 'DUH' - He says, "Its either PUPPS or something else." Great. My husband can be a doctor!!

It was horrible at this point. I looked like I rolled my body in poison ivy. I called the OB in the a.m. and went in for an appointment at 9:30. I met w. Dr. Laffitte Yep. Sure enough. My husband was a DR. Turns out it is PUPPS. I will get to itch for the rest of my pregnancy - that or Benedryl and/or steroids. Nah. I will pass. I had reached my low - I was g;oing to be fat, pregnant, and ugly with a rash for the next 22 weeks. Great.

Have no fear, I GOOGLED everything about it when I returned back to work. Sure enough there are Natural remedies I can 'take/do' to help 'tame' the rash. So far, the best one that works is Pine Tar Soap, Vitamin E and Dandelion Root. Not sure which it is that's magical but something works! My rash is 'tamed' and I dont look like I have rolled in poinson ivy anymore!

Visit to Doctor -- #3


Matt and I went in for our Third visit! When we walked in for our appointment, guess who was sitting there in the waiting room...  Mrs. Jill Wilson. What a surprise it was! Dont worry though, Matt sure was fast to ask, "Do you have something to tell us?"  Just the question every girl wants to hear when she is going to get her yearly check up! Since we have been going to 'the Baby Doctor' we tend to forget that they are an OBGYN -- esp. Matt since this is his first year of going to the OB.

Other than our wonderful surprise from Mrs. Wilson, mama and baby 'm.e.' are just fine.

Everything is going great!
This visit I weighed 133lbs. Growing slow - but still getting big!

We scheduled our next appointment for the BIG ULTRASOUND Sept 2 at 2:00.
For those of you who are wondering who are doctor is: Dr. Giudice. We have seen him everytime. 
So, Stay tuned!


A Day on the Lake

Brandy, Dave, Josie, Wes, Jess, Ed, Mom, Dad, Matt and I all went out on the lake for a fun day!

Feeling great! Up for anything now! j.

14 {weeks}

14 weeks
The entire family was at the White/Bonswer wedding. Congrats Megan and Ian! It was beautiful!
Wes and I busted a few dance moves on the dance floor!

Needless to say, that this point - we are out of the First Trimester and feeling great!!



This was our second visit to the doctor! And this time we got to hear the heartbeat! We were 11.5 weeks at this visit -- report from the doctor -- keep doing what your doing!

Baby M.E. and I are in great health!
The heartbeat was about 140 beats per minute.
I was 128 lbs now. I had officially gained 3 lbs.
Blood pressure was 110/70 - apparently that's good!

We are just a growing!

The Roes Wedding

Jess and Edwin tie the knot!

It was a beautiful wedding!
Baby and I held up just fine, except apparently my right butt muscle craps up when I am completely exhausted! While dancing to 'Shout' with everyone... I had to hobble off the dance floor. The next day, I could hardly walk.

9.5 {weeks}

9.5 weeks
Sigh. The only thing growing are my tatas. But thankfully the sickness is about gone! Yay!

First Doc Visit: 8 {weeks}

Our first OB visit was great. We ran tests, met with a lady who 'talked' us through things. She let us ask questions and get more information on our pregnancy. It definitely made everything feel 'real' to us.

Most of week 8, I was nauseous, to nauseous to eat much. I ate on apple every morning and started the saltines. Yum. I had stayed up Tuesday night with an awful stomach pain. I did not go to work the next day. By the end of the week I was feeling better and my appetite was back! I think my prenatal vitamins were making me feel worse... so, I began taking regular vitamins. When I started feeling better, I switched back.

7 {weeks}

Still sick... But moving along strong.

6 {weeks}

6 weeks
Felt good part of this week. But towards the end, Sick. Sick. Sick. Ah, 24/7 sickness... not morning sickness.


Since we found out on Matt's Birthday, we thought we should at least tell our parents the news. Matt and his mom (Donna, now Deda) share the same Birthday - so it was especially cool to tell her "Happy Birthday 'Grandma'" on her birthday.

I wanted to tell them in a special way... So here is how we did it. We went to CVS got a black magic marker and wrote on my belly. We went to Donna's first. When we arrived she was so surprised to see us! We told her we had one more present for her. I pulled up my shirt and it read:

She was about in tears! All she kept saying was, "Are you serious? Are you serious?" Laugh. Yep, two tests say so!

Unfortunately Bob (Matt's dad, now Duke) wasnt there. So, Matt called him to share the news. Excited he was! Although, we can decide if he is more excited about being a Granddad or being called 'Duke'. j.

Next step: The Kings.
My parents are already grandparents so with the third on the way, its nothing new. Well, except all the grand kids will be about a year appart! Way to go King girls. Maybe Jess and Ed will be next year! j.

We stopped by my parents saying, "We were over at Bob and Donna's for her Birthday and decided to stop by." Little did they know. We pulled the same stunt on them -- "we have something to show you", pull up the shirt and smile. All Pops (my dad, Maxton) did was smile and Bob Bob (my mom, Bobbie) said, "When are you Due?" At this point we didnt really know the answer but we can do math, sort of -- "Jan/Feb". Bob Bob's response, "Awe Boo, you missed the tax rebate." Laugh. OH my parents. Already so good at being Grandparents!


After two great visits with the parentals, we headed back on our long trip across the lake to Lexington, home. We decided to stop at CVS for one last test. Buy another test, pee in the bathroom. Yep. Nothing has changed. Still pregnant.

It is such a weird feeling, I kept thinking it wasnt real. And of course, all the thoughts that every 'first mom' has start spinning through my brian.  But, right now, its real. Three tests say so!


The next day at work, I called the doctor to inform them I am pregnant.  She asks, "how many tests did you take?" Laugh. "Three" I answer. She laughs and says, "Wanted to make sure huh." Uh. Yes! She assures me that three tests that say ' + Pregnant ' does indeed mean, Pregnant.


This is the story of how we found out about Baby M.E.

5.9.09, Saturday
Jessica and Edwin had a wedding shower thrown by our uncle Fred in Little Mountain. Of course it was a BBQ and alcohol was involved. We had a great day visiting with family and friends and watching Jess and Ed open their wedding gifts. After a long day of cleaning, cooking, socializing and drinking, it was time to go home. On our long 40 minute drive back to Lexington, I took a well needed nap. Then went to bed as soon as we arrived home.

5.10.09, Sunday
I woke up Sunday morning with the worse hangover in my life and a pounding headache. Surely the beers from the night before did not make me feel this way. I only had about 6. I took some advil and worked my way through the day, hoping it would wear off. But it didn't. So, I went to bed early, thinking tomorrow would be a new day.

5.11.09, Monday
Woke up Monday morning still with the same hangover. Goodness, this can't be right. I have never felt this way. Maybe I have a stomach bug... The sickness lasted all day. When I got home, Matt had mentioned, "Are you pregnant?" Laugh. My first response, "I cant be."

5.12.09, Tuesday
Woke up again with the same hangover. Except this time, I didn't think 'hangover'.

Test 1:  Took out a test and peed. Sigh at the relief of my morning pee. Wait. A plus sign.
Wait another minute, maybe it will change. Sigh. Need more water.

Test 2:  Pee again on another stick. Think. Wait. This time, a digital 'Pregnant'.
Sigh. Uh. Open the bathroom door. Wake Matt up and say, 'Happy Birthday Daddy'. Yep. It was his birthday and we had two test to say, " + Pregnant".


I went to work that day, we had our Nation Sales Conference downtown... I kept thinking... 'We are pregnant, we are pregnant, we are pregnant.'  I needed to tell someone. I called Brandy, no answer. Uh. Who do I tell now? I needed to talk to her ASAP and I was fixing to walk into the Conference and I was about to bust!

She finally called me back later, I asked her, "So, did your face break out really bad when you were pregnant, cause mine sure is." Her response, "Wait what?" Pause. "ARE YOU PREGNANT?" Laugh.