Saturday, August 29, 2009


This is the story of how we found out about Baby M.E.

5.9.09, Saturday
Jessica and Edwin had a wedding shower thrown by our uncle Fred in Little Mountain. Of course it was a BBQ and alcohol was involved. We had a great day visiting with family and friends and watching Jess and Ed open their wedding gifts. After a long day of cleaning, cooking, socializing and drinking, it was time to go home. On our long 40 minute drive back to Lexington, I took a well needed nap. Then went to bed as soon as we arrived home.

5.10.09, Sunday
I woke up Sunday morning with the worse hangover in my life and a pounding headache. Surely the beers from the night before did not make me feel this way. I only had about 6. I took some advil and worked my way through the day, hoping it would wear off. But it didn't. So, I went to bed early, thinking tomorrow would be a new day.

5.11.09, Monday
Woke up Monday morning still with the same hangover. Goodness, this can't be right. I have never felt this way. Maybe I have a stomach bug... The sickness lasted all day. When I got home, Matt had mentioned, "Are you pregnant?" Laugh. My first response, "I cant be."

5.12.09, Tuesday
Woke up again with the same hangover. Except this time, I didn't think 'hangover'.

Test 1:  Took out a test and peed. Sigh at the relief of my morning pee. Wait. A plus sign.
Wait another minute, maybe it will change. Sigh. Need more water.

Test 2:  Pee again on another stick. Think. Wait. This time, a digital 'Pregnant'.
Sigh. Uh. Open the bathroom door. Wake Matt up and say, 'Happy Birthday Daddy'. Yep. It was his birthday and we had two test to say, " + Pregnant".


I went to work that day, we had our Nation Sales Conference downtown... I kept thinking... 'We are pregnant, we are pregnant, we are pregnant.'  I needed to tell someone. I called Brandy, no answer. Uh. Who do I tell now? I needed to talk to her ASAP and I was fixing to walk into the Conference and I was about to bust!

She finally called me back later, I asked her, "So, did your face break out really bad when you were pregnant, cause mine sure is." Her response, "Wait what?" Pause. "ARE YOU PREGNANT?" Laugh.

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