Saturday, August 29, 2009


Since we found out on Matt's Birthday, we thought we should at least tell our parents the news. Matt and his mom (Donna, now Deda) share the same Birthday - so it was especially cool to tell her "Happy Birthday 'Grandma'" on her birthday.

I wanted to tell them in a special way... So here is how we did it. We went to CVS got a black magic marker and wrote on my belly. We went to Donna's first. When we arrived she was so surprised to see us! We told her we had one more present for her. I pulled up my shirt and it read:

She was about in tears! All she kept saying was, "Are you serious? Are you serious?" Laugh. Yep, two tests say so!

Unfortunately Bob (Matt's dad, now Duke) wasnt there. So, Matt called him to share the news. Excited he was! Although, we can decide if he is more excited about being a Granddad or being called 'Duke'. j.

Next step: The Kings.
My parents are already grandparents so with the third on the way, its nothing new. Well, except all the grand kids will be about a year appart! Way to go King girls. Maybe Jess and Ed will be next year! j.

We stopped by my parents saying, "We were over at Bob and Donna's for her Birthday and decided to stop by." Little did they know. We pulled the same stunt on them -- "we have something to show you", pull up the shirt and smile. All Pops (my dad, Maxton) did was smile and Bob Bob (my mom, Bobbie) said, "When are you Due?" At this point we didnt really know the answer but we can do math, sort of -- "Jan/Feb". Bob Bob's response, "Awe Boo, you missed the tax rebate." Laugh. OH my parents. Already so good at being Grandparents!


After two great visits with the parentals, we headed back on our long trip across the lake to Lexington, home. We decided to stop at CVS for one last test. Buy another test, pee in the bathroom. Yep. Nothing has changed. Still pregnant.

It is such a weird feeling, I kept thinking it wasnt real. And of course, all the thoughts that every 'first mom' has start spinning through my brian.  But, right now, its real. Three tests say so!


The next day at work, I called the doctor to inform them I am pregnant.  She asks, "how many tests did you take?" Laugh. "Three" I answer. She laughs and says, "Wanted to make sure huh." Uh. Yes! She assures me that three tests that say ' + Pregnant ' does indeed mean, Pregnant.

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