Monday, August 31, 2009

Jump in the Bump

After a long day of working, I laid down in the bed. BUT to my surprise, someone wasnt tired! Baby 'b' was wide awake and moving! For the first time (well second really) I realized, it was definitely the baby. To most mothers, 'its an unexplainable feeling' - to be honest - it really is. It kind of feels like a gas bubble that never settles. But, its the best feeling in the world. Now Baby 'b' just jumps and jumps. I feel it every day - some days are still questionable - but most days its definite movement.

21 weeks

1 comment:

  1. it is definitely an amazing feeling...just wait til they get alittle stronger! you'll feel like the baby is playing soccer in there! lol I know that will be something I will miss when my little girl gets here! let me know the sex when ya'll find excited!!