Saturday, August 29, 2009

Visit to Doctor -- #3


Matt and I went in for our Third visit! When we walked in for our appointment, guess who was sitting there in the waiting room...  Mrs. Jill Wilson. What a surprise it was! Dont worry though, Matt sure was fast to ask, "Do you have something to tell us?"  Just the question every girl wants to hear when she is going to get her yearly check up! Since we have been going to 'the Baby Doctor' we tend to forget that they are an OBGYN -- esp. Matt since this is his first year of going to the OB.

Other than our wonderful surprise from Mrs. Wilson, mama and baby 'm.e.' are just fine.

Everything is going great!
This visit I weighed 133lbs. Growing slow - but still getting big!

We scheduled our next appointment for the BIG ULTRASOUND Sept 2 at 2:00.
For those of you who are wondering who are doctor is: Dr. Giudice. We have seen him everytime. 
So, Stay tuned!


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