Monday, July 30, 2012

looking back. looking forward.

The past couple of weeks, as we are preparing for Joanie Leigh, I have realized, I didn't document my pregnancy with Houston or his first year of life very well. Tear. I know, some people don't do ANYTHING . . . but, I told myself I wouldn't be that way. I thought I had done better. But as I am 'nearing' the end of this pregnancy, I find myself wanting to 'look back' and compare the two.  I know every pregnancy is different and I really don't expect them to be the same in any way . . . but as I reach certain points in this pregnancy, I can't remember how I was with Houston.

So, my goal this time, is to make sure I am documenting as much as I can! I may sound redundant on some posts . . . so please forgive me. According to Matt, I can't remember ANYTHING and always repeat my self . . . BABY BRAIN. And see, I don't remember it being this bad with Houston!! Argh. I do feel bad for Matt and Jess . . . because they have to listen to my constant nagging, repetitive self. Laugh. Bless them both!

On another note:
I am pretty sure that Joanie Leigh's room is complete! We just need to wash up everything and get it clean. We do have her bouncy seat and swing in there since Houston thinks he is small enough for it . . . and I have to keep reminding him that these toys are for Joanie. Sigh. So, once those things move out, it's complete! Now we just count down for her arrival! We do have a shower for her weekend after next, August 11th. Brandy / Jess and several friends are throwing it for her. We never had a 'friends' shower for Houston because we had planned on doing a 'Sip-n-See' but once he arrived and germs were going around . . . we decided against it. SO, this is my 'friends shower'! I'm pretty excited just to get everyone together!

Houston's room is officially 'transformed' into a 'toddler' room! We have to paint his chalkboard wall and then it will be COMPLETE! Such an accomplishment! He is officially in his big boy bed! We have taken out some of the 'extra pillows' . . . and are now teaching him how to sleep like a 'big boy'. He doesn't quite understand that your head goes on a 'pillow' and that your body goes under the 'covers'. I know sounds funny . . . but he is a CRAZY sleeper. He moves so much that even with bed rails and tons of pillows, he still fell out several times. Silly. But he has done really well staying at the top and starting to sleep like a 'big boy'. Laugh. My lil' man. NOT TO MENTION, potty training is going super duper great! He tells us every time he has to 'teetee' -- even with a diaper on! YAY! Now, working on 'pooping' in the potty and 'adventures' out of the house is our next step.

Today, Jess and I watched our twin cousins who are 8 months old. They are so cute! Karsyn and Karter are their names :) And Houston did so well with them! Talking to them, playing with them, helping them . . . makes me excited to see that he will do well becoming a BIG BROTHER!

Till next time! I'll post more images of our lil' man and he grows! And, I have images from our beach trip coming (for those who haven't seen them yet)!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

31 weeks

We had our 31 week appointment on Friday and all checked out well! Whew! Because Thursday evening, I started having contractions. They were 12 to 14 minutes apart for 4 hours. I put my feet up and started chugging some water . . . luckily, they slowed down and were done about 11 pm. Just in time for bed. Sigh. But, I didn't sleep well that night. I knew I was headed to the doctor Friday morning, so I didn't call in to tell them I was having contractions. Right now, more than 5 in an hour could be considered preterm labor (+ a few other symptoms). Since I am having so much pressure, I figured I just needed to take a moment and 'rest'. However, the more I thought about it, I didn't do much that day! I did have a photo session that evening but it wasn't long. And yes, I am aware that it's 100 degrees and HOT outside . . . but come on!

I saw Dr. Ridenhour, the doctor that delivered Houston. She is one of my favorites! She is so thorough. She really explains herself and allows you to ask lots of questions. I feel like she 'takes her time' and doesn't 'rush' you in and out. She assured me my 'severe' pressure and swelling is normal and that it may get worse, yay. And that she highly suggests me to take it easy and PUT MY FEET UP. Sigh. It's so hard. How can you put your feet up when you have a 2.5 year old to chase? And help potty train? And photos to take? I mean, really? However, she did say that if I don't, the contractions may pick up and we don't want that : / Nope. No we don't. We want to wait till full term for Miss Joanie Leigh. Which, full term is 37 weeks, 6 more weeks!  She did go ahead and check me this visit since I have been contracting. My cervix is still closed, but she said Joanie Leigh is super low. She predicts that Joanie Leigh will come ealier than Houston did! Laugh, and she BETTER! Houston made it 41 weeks . . . I'm rooting for Joanie Leigh to make it 38! Laugh.

We are now down to our every two week appointments! It's getting so close! So, I'll give our next update on JL at 33 weeks!

Like I promised, my 31 week photo!
31 weeks

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

31 weeks

We are now down to the single digit weeks! 9 more weeks until our due date! AH. Secretly, I am hoping for 7 and not 10, since Houston was a week late. I cannot believe how fast it has gone. And I know it's going to go even faster in the next couple weeks esp. with how busy we will be in the next couple weeks. But, I am ready for it!

I am still feeling a little better in the past couple of weeks. I have had to take my nausea meds a few times, but nowhere near what I was taking. Which is good, in my eyes! I have my 31 week OB appointment on Friday, so I will let yall know how it goes! According to my scale at home, I have successfully gained 19 lbs. and from here on out, it's suppose to be a pound a week. EEK. Fingers crossed that I still keep down the weight from the first pregnancy. I REALLY swelled up with Houston . . . I just didn't watch what I ate as much and retained those fluids at the end! Not to mention, I had a desk job at the time and NEVER walked. And this go round, I have a VERY active two year old to chase! ALL DAY!

I will have to say, I never thought I would be one of 'those' pregnant people who would say, 'I'm so over this pregnancy.' But to some extent, I am! I am over not being able to bend over / I am over not breathing as well during the night / I am over the pressure and swelling / I am over, SO OVER the nausea / I am over the sleepless nights . . . OKAY, Okay, Pregnancy isn't that bad! But really, this go round, I am over it.

HOWEVER, I am really going to miss her being 'all mine'. And miss feeling her in my belly. I remember with Houston, I had 'withdrawals', I guess you could say, with him no longer being in my belly. I found myself resting my hands on my tummy, waiting to feel him kick, knowing he no longer existed in there. Sigh. I am going to miss my lil' bump. But, more excited to see the little miracle we made!

Alright, enough sappy stuff . . .  *31 week photo coming soon. I completely skipped out on a 30 week photo. I kept saying, 'I'll do it tomorrow.' and well, never did!

OH, and Joanie Leigh's bumper came in and her room is 95% complete!! I will have detail photos coming soon! There are still a few things I need Matt to finish before I show it off!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Potty Training in Progress . . .

We've been potty training for a couple of months . . . well, 'talking about it' and 'occasionally enforcing it' for a couple months . . . but the last two to three weeks have been 'strong' enforcement. And so far, we are doing GREAT! I am so proud of him!

When we are at home, it's 'undies' all the way! 'Cars' and 'Diego' are our favorite undies to wear. We are still working on the 'aim' and 'pulling up / down' the undies . . . And most of the time, he let's us know when he has to go. EXCEPT when he has to poop . . . that . . . we are still working on. Sigh. We have even ventured off to several places with big boy undies! YAY! But, if we are very busy or playing too hard . . . we just might have an accident. He knows when he has accidents too . . . he's so cute :) He puts his head down and sticks out his bottom lip . . . and hides because he is embarrassed. My precious boy. Poor thing. He's trying so hard.

Although we still revert to a diaper when we venture out of the house or for nap or for bedtime, I am super excited and happy to see the no.5 diapers depleting from our home . . . esp. as we begin to fill up with Newborn / no.1 / no.2 's for Joanie Leigh.

WAY TO GO HOUSTON! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

28 weeks + 29 weeks

I am a little behind on my updates with our family . . . but we have been busy and on a lil' vacation to Edisto!! So till I can catch up to our current life . . . for those of you who haven't seen my 28 and 29 week photos . . . here they are! 

29 weeks
28 weeks