Tuesday, December 29, 2009

38 Weeks

Monday, December 28

38 Week check-up with Doctor Sally. Love him! Brandy had the pleasure of going with me during this visit! She finally got to hear Houston's heartbeat!

My stats for this week:
Blood pressure - 117/80 (i think, i always mess this up)
Weight - 157 (down a quarter of a lb, but fluids are STILL OFF!)
Urine: CLEAN!

Doc Sally says that Houston's head sure is W-A-Y down there... and that I am 70% effaced. Not Dilated yet, but still good progress that Houston is making. According to Doc Sally, I have the 'perfect' belly -- ahem, not bragging... but, pretty proud! Mainly this means -- I am not that big, I have no stretch marks (yet, fingers crossed still), belly button hasn't 'poked out' and I seem to carry well with only 2 weeks left! AND they still seem to think that Houston will be around 7 lbs! Cant wait!!

We go back to the doctor next week, Tuesday January 5!

- the baby {M.E.}


Matt and I woke up Christmas morning -- I mean, I woke up Christmas morning at 8 and said, 'SANTA CAME! Can we get up and open presents?' -- sigh, I am such a kid!

After opening our presents at our house, we headed to the Billingsley (Deeda and Dukes -- aka Matt's parents) household to open our gifts. Everyone got lots of good presents! Matt and I gave his parents bluetooths... boy where they excited! They immediately hooked them up and got them working before we could head out the door to our Christmas movie! (we go every year to see a movie as a family on Christmas day) After the bluetooths were hooked up, we headed to our Christmas tradition movie -- movie of choice for the year was 'Sherlock Holmes'. I loved it! Although, not really a Christmas movie - a little dark - but still good (better than 'Molly and Me' last year - ahem, Donna - we balled our eyes out last year!!!)

We then headed to my parents house to 'wrap up' the day with more gifts!

Houston's stocking at the King's.

Josie got a camera... therefore, we MUST take pictures of EVERYTHING... 'Sit right here Ca-Ca and take pictures'... SO, we did...

We took pictures of JoJo's socks...

We took pictures of Mommy's socks... (and everyone elses... even Daddy's who wasnt wearing Christmas socks... but, I decided not to post the 'ugly' ones)

Even pictures of Wes and Mommy reading...

Besides the 'picture taking extravaganza' -- follow Brandy's blog for a post from Josie and Wes' camera -- it was a good evening w. the King family. Lots and lots of gifts to be opened... and yes, One at a time! And when kiddos are involved... it takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

In the famous words of Mr. Earl Cumalander. 'I just want to thank everyone for everything!"

Matt, Houston and I had a great holiday season!

- the baby {M.E}

Christmas Eve Celebrations

Matt and I had a great Christmas celebrating with both our families! It started at home on Christmas Eve:

Our beautiful tree with all the presents (that didnt stay under the tree long)!!

Matt's Baby (Belle)

My Baby (Mister Zoe)

Our Baby (Houston, who will soon be here!)

We have another baby, Jackson, but he never stays around for family 'fun time' -- he is our wild cat that roams the neighborhood and catches rats and things... so, he gets to 'exempt' family time. laugh.

After our quiet Christmas Eve morning, we headed to my Grandma's house (JoJo) for Christmas Eve Dinner and then to open our Chinese Gifts!!

The entire night, all Wes wanted to do was to turn the lights off and on.

While Jess didnt want to give up her Chinese gift... so she hid it from everyone. 

JoJo opened all her gifts from everyone, but never knows what each person gave her! She's too cute.

JoJo gave the kiddos 'ja-mas'


Wes wanted to put his on top of his clothes... then he realized it was too tight... so he just carried it around on his head/back.

And finally... Jess and Edwin left with a PILE of appliances (for the second time)....

After we got done at JoJo's, Matt and I headed over to the Billingsley household! To spend the rest of the evening with his parents, brother, uncle, the Adams and the Hefley's!

We listened to Janie's newest obsession, Sean John (maybe) while snacking on a few things and chatting about pregnancy AND celebrating the seasons!

 - the baby {M.E.}

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Houston's Christmas Tree

I had a shower this weekend at 'The White House' (my parent's neighbor Rich and Missy White).  It was hosted by Missy White and Pam Stewart (and Kelli). It was a great shower!

BUT, since it is the Christmas season... Here are a few pics of the Christmas tree they decorated for Houston.

*Houston got lots of goodies on his Tree!


Stay tuned for the showing of his last shower! He got lots of useful items!

37.5 Weeks

37.5 Weeks and counting... We are now only 20 days away from our due date! Who knows when Houston will come!

Will he be fashionable late like his daddy? OR early like his mommy? Vote on our blog (on the right column) when you think he will come!

Happy Birthday FRED!

Wednesday, December 16th was my uncle Fred's Birthday! I am a lil' late on singing his song from the Billingsley's... SO, here goes...


Here are few snapshots from his 'Birthday Party' at JoJo's Sunday!

*Blowing out the Candles!

*Wes can too!!

*Fred sharing all his goodies w. Josie.

(Dave, Brandy, Jess, Edwin, Matt and I gave him a BUNCH of fishing 'supplies'. The kiddos are quite amazed with reels.)

*and Wes.

*And Jess just plain enjoyed the entire event!

Grant is a College Graduate

Grant (Matt's Brother) graduated on Saturday from the PGCC!! We are so proud of him!

*Duke (Matt's Dad), Grant, Deeda (Matt's Mom), Matt and me.

Now he is done with school and time to  get a 'Big Boy' Job!! YAY GRANT!! 

.Christmas Present.

3 years ago, Matt gave me Zoe (Mister Zoe) for Christmas.

This year, Mister Zoe gave me himself as a present!

Such a cutie!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm Not Violet anymore!

2 oranges, 2 bananas and one apple a day + low sodium everything else + a bottle of cranberry juice + trying to pee every 30 minutes + 3 fulls days of rest = down 5lbs of fluids! THANK GOODNESS!

I may have felt like the biggest bum Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday and some of Saturday -- BUT, the fluids are off and I am rested! My hands will now close, my face doesnt look like I got beat, my rings now fit on my fingers again (ahem, my fake ring that fits my already swollen pregnancy fingers), I think my work pants will now fit over my big ole butt (sigh) and the list goes on.

But, first and foremost, my urine sample did come back negative and my blood pressure has been fine. I have had no 'real' headaches - other than this sinus headache - and no vomiting or nausea. SO, preclampsia and diabetes are ruled out - wiping the forehead. Thankfully, most of the weight came off -- now I can deal w. a few lbs of pregnancy fluids... just not and excessive amount - smile - esp when its an excessive amount in cautionary areas.

We got to the Doctor today for our weekly check-up. So, we will see what he/she has to say!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

36.5 week Swelling

Yep. I have turned into Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Wednesday, December 16
This weekend my legs have been a lil' puffy, which I figured was normal... Just the regular 'pregnancy swelling'.  BUT, Yesterday morning I woke up with my hands and eyes swollen - my hands would barely shut and my eyes look like I had cried for two days... something didnt seem right to me. However, I pushed through the day and went to work anyways. I usually feel bad for complaining if I'm tired on 'the job' because all I do is sit... how does that make you tired? Honestly... And I had meetings all day... so its not like I was 'pushing' myself that far. By the time I got to work I had been up and moving for 2 hours, so the swelling was not that bad... And I put on eye makeup to distract from the puffy lids...  As the day went on, the swelling went down a little but my legs were so big and tight... sigh. 

After all my meetings, I decided to read some online - yea yea - about how to reduce swelling in hands and eyes during pregnancy... instead, it said to contact your physician if swelling in the eyes and hands were to occur. Sigh. Great... now I am going to be the pregnant women who calls everytime I read something 'bad' online... ugh. So I called and they told me to come in to check my blood pressure.

Blood pressure: 122/80 -- Fine.
Weight:  164 lb -- YIKES! 7lbs of fluids in two days!
Pee sample:  Got blood in it... off to 'culture'

Doc says its nothing to 'worry' about right now. Says the blood isnt usually something we worry about b.c some pregnant women have it in their urine the entire pregnancy -- but I havent had signs of it till now... we will wait and see what the culture comes back as....  Says its quite a bit of fluids and if it doesnt go down by Friday to come back in... Also to make sure I dont have any headaches or blurry vision... BUT, in the mean time, he is hoping its just something I ate... Now its watching sodium, drinking lots of water and and hoping the swelling goes down.

I came home from the doctor exhausted, hands and legs were tingling and my legs were the biggest I have ever seen.

Thursday, December 17
After resting that evening and a good nights sleep, the swelling hadnt gone down... still puffy. My eyes and face were a lil' larger than yesterday - my hands were still puffy and hard to close...

I've rested all morning and now my fingers dont tingle and the swelling has gone down a good bit in my hands. I'm constantly weighing myself to see if I am 'shedding any lbs' -- but nothing. Still same weight. My face is really puffy today, eyes more so...

BUT, I am glad I went to the doctor -- now they are aware of my swelling and hope and pray its nothing! Just some bad food w. a mix of pregnancy swelling!

Christmas With the KING family!

This past weekend we spent the weekend in Raleigh, NC with my uncle Stan and aunt Suzanne. It was Christmas for the King family!

Friday night, we all drove up -- Matt, Edwin, Jess and I in one car -- Brandy, Dave, Josie and Wes in the other... carpooling our way to see SCROOGE!!

Saturday we woke up, chatted with the family a bit. Waited for my Aunt Carol and Uncle Eddie to get there.

 AND THEN, it was off to see A Christmas Carol!! 

*Jess and Ed

*Benton and Megan

*Matt and I

blurry =( but.... *Suzanne, Carol, Mom (bob bob) and Dad (Pops)

*After the play!

*The entire family who went to the play (minus Megan who took the photo for us!)

A few stayed back (Brandy, Dave, Josie, Wes, Stan and Eddie) to go to the Flea Market, Farmers Market, to get dinner and watch football. When everyone else returned from the play it was dinner time and Present time!!

Our Chinese gift line up!

Never fails... they are always the first to be waiting for presents! j.

Josie and Wes has a BALL this year opening presents... They actually get the concept of what a 'present' is. Here are a few snap shots of what all they got and how much fun it was!

*It's a 'Pop Pop' - as wes calls it - most people refer to them as A Tractor!

*Josie got a computer. So she can work from home like mommy does!

*She's Thanking Eddie and Carol -- and Showing them what it is!

*Wes is ready to play w. the 'Pop Pop' 

*Daddy hurry up... I cant wait any longer!

FINALLY -- He got to play...

And this is what the entire family saw the rest of the night...

Thanks Wes -- you take after your daddy... j.

Before I skip ahead... There were more gifts to open!!

*Gifts from Stan and Suzanne -- BOOKS!

*And TIGER SHIRTS!! Raised the right way!

After they opened their gifts, it was time for the 'Big Kids' to do the Chinese gift exchange... As always, it was fun! There were lots of good gifts to be given!