Tuesday, December 29, 2009

38 Weeks

Monday, December 28

38 Week check-up with Doctor Sally. Love him! Brandy had the pleasure of going with me during this visit! She finally got to hear Houston's heartbeat!

My stats for this week:
Blood pressure - 117/80 (i think, i always mess this up)
Weight - 157 (down a quarter of a lb, but fluids are STILL OFF!)
Urine: CLEAN!

Doc Sally says that Houston's head sure is W-A-Y down there... and that I am 70% effaced. Not Dilated yet, but still good progress that Houston is making. According to Doc Sally, I have the 'perfect' belly -- ahem, not bragging... but, pretty proud! Mainly this means -- I am not that big, I have no stretch marks (yet, fingers crossed still), belly button hasn't 'poked out' and I seem to carry well with only 2 weeks left! AND they still seem to think that Houston will be around 7 lbs! Cant wait!!

We go back to the doctor next week, Tuesday January 5!

- the baby {M.E.}

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  1. i can't wait to see pics of that beautiful baby boy! I know ya'll have to be so anxious for him to get here! get as much sleep as you can in the next two weeks cuz it is very exhausting the first few weeks. my doc said the same thing about my baby belly lol or at least for as far along as I got, but I got two tiny stretch marks on both of my sides where they had to do the c-section so that sucked, but there is this stuff they make for it and they are almost gone! Take Care and have a great new year! Maybe Houston will be a new years baby!!!