Thursday, December 17, 2009

Houston's Showers

Last Sunday, December 6th, The Cumalander Women through Houston a Baby Shower!

It was such a great shower! Those women sure do know how to cook -- there was TONS of food! Perfect for a pregnant women!

*Here are a few photos of the gifts we received!

*The hat Tilly knitted for Houston! He will definitely be coming home in this =)

*The duckies the Cumalander women gave Houston -- Matt's been RAVING about ducks... Now we have THREE in three different colors!

*All his goodies!

*More goodies!

*Houston's Piggy Bank*

*All his toys.

*His lil' Lamp! I love the FOX!

We had a great time and he is so blessed to be loved so much already! We are now counting down the weeks! Wont be long till he gets to meet all those who love him! And see all his goodies too =)

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