Monday, March 18, 2013


Houston:  'Mommy, this my friend.'

Me: 'Your friend? What's his name?'

Houston: 'His name is 'Sir'. See. He right there.'  (pointing to the floor beside him.)

Me: 'Oh yea? I see.'

Houston: 'He shy. He not talk in the woo-woo.' (talking about the police car.)

Me: (trying not to laugh) 'OH. He's shy, huh? He doesn't like to talk in the woo-woo?'

Houston: 'No. Follow me, we need to go put out fires. You honk. You the fire truck.'

haha . . . oh the start to imaginary friends and imaginations growing large! Love it. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our big girl.

Our JL is now 5 months. How has this happened? I feel it was just the other day we welcomed her. And now she's growing so fast. She is finally sitting up. She still tumbles over and is a little weak. But for the most part, she's a sitter.

We've graduated from stage one food to stage two. And our two bottom teeth have really started to shine.

This week we've introduced juice. Since she isn't a bottle baby, I was nervous she wouldn't even care for juice at all. BUT, she is taking it like a champ. So far, she taken an ounce a day! Whew. Dwindling down on the breast feedings.

JL has still only rolled over a handful of times. (Maybe 20) she can go from tummy to back. But not vice versa.

Tummy time gets the best if JL. She gets so frustrated. Haha. I think because its hard work for those chunky legs.

She's still in 6 month clothes. But I do think she will start pushing 9 mo clothes soon. ESP in the neck area. Ha.

My goodness. I love her too. It's so weird how you can love something so much. I never thought I could share my love (split from H) but I couldn't see my life w.o her.

Here's some photos of her lately.

// love, mommy //

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