Friday, June 29, 2012

double take.

okay . . . maybe not! I'd say it's hard to take a 'double take' of us now with this big 'ole belly!

27 weeks and counting . . .

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

27 weeks

Hi there Blog followers! We are now entering out 3rd trimester! Gosh, seems like yesterday I thought the 1st trimester would NEVER end. The past two weeks have been better than the past 25 weeks . . . whew . . . with a few sprinkled days of nausea. Not bad, I'd say . . . considering the large amounts of nausea I was having. 

Monday I had my Glucose Test + an Ultrasound + reg. 28 week check-up. And all checked out fine!

I passed my Glucose Test with flying colors! YAY! My blood pressure was 'perfect'. And my weight was a little high from my last visit . . . Whoopsie! Although, my doc. assured me it was just the 'retaining fluids' from this time of the year . . . oh well. I knew it was coming w. the heat . . . only a matter of time. I have officially gained 17 lbs. and my feet feel every bit of the 17 lbs.

We had another Ultrasound because the tech. couldn't get all of Joanie Leigh's measurements on her heart during our 20 week checkup. This time, she got everything she needed for Joanie Leigh's heart . . . however, she wouldn't budge for us to get another profile shot. She didn't give us a great one for her 20 week ultrasound . . . so, we were really excited for the next one . . . but, she's as stubborn as her mama and daddy. GREAT. Another stubborn child! j. The tech. did say she had a head full of hair now :) I just hope she keeps it till delivery!

After the Glucose test and the ultrasound, I saw Dr. Holladay for my '28 week' (a week early) checkup. He listened to her heart . . . 153 bpm . . . and measured my tummy . . . right at 27 weeks. I have been having concerns about the amount of pressure I have been having . . . however, I was assured (yet again) that this is normal. He told me I had the 'Second Pregnancy Syndrome' . . . where I will have unbearable pressure and strong contractions. GREAT. Just what I want on top of my nausea. j.

So, now we wait . . . 13 more weeks till our due date! And we are so busy the next couple weeks . . . I know it will fly by!

We have her room half way ready. Matt finished painting her armoire baby pink this past weekend. Now we just need to move it into her room. I hung some of her wall decor last night . . . but there's still a bit more left to do! I have taken some progression pics . . . but will wait to post them till we get closer. Right now her room is still a mess!

Till next post! <3 to all!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012


How can you EVER get mad at this face? Esp. when he tells you to 'Hush' when you yell at him for peeing on your bed?

He's such a terd. And he has my heart.

25 weeks

25 weeks

We have reached 25 weeks. Whew. And I am finally over the nausea hump . . . I think. Fingers crossed, right?

I have successfully gained 15 lbs. -- blah. I am happy that I am still under where I was with Houston, but I would really like to keep it low this go round. I am still experiencing lots of constipation . . . another BLAH. Other than that . . . it's really my only complaint! OH, I have reached the awkward 'bend' . . . I now have to squat. And 'rolling' over in bed is becoming a challenge. Mostly because it's an awkward roll.

This week we have gotten LOTS done in our house. Her crib is now painted! YAY! Her room is painted. We have so many clothes the child wont have to wear one thing twice! j. We have everything we need to complete her room . . . well, most of it. I registered for the things we need . . . mostly to make a list for ME of what to buy each time we go to Buy Buy Baby. Laugh. I cannot remember ANYTHING! Even if I hand write a list . . . I wont remember to bring it.

Houston has been such a big help this week. He has helped rearrange the house. Paint. Help Daddy put the crib together! And even helped mommy with potty training! He has been several times this week! Yay! Even tho there were several 'mishaps' on the floor and once on our bed -- yea . . . we are on our way to being potty trained!! We even had to buy some new undies, Thomas undies!

Stay tuned for some recent pics of H and what all he has been doing!

Monday, June 4, 2012

23.5 weeks

Since it's started to warm up and summer has officially started . . . we've been out on the lake / in the sun a little more! Good for this pale white mama who needs a tan . . . but bad for the ego.

This past week I officially can't fit into any of my pants or maternity shorts I have been 'given'. I am so lucky and fortunate that I haven't had to buy any maternity clothes (last go round or this go round) . . . BUT, All my maternity from Houston is winter. SO, I have NO summer stuff. And the small amount of summer I was given, was from a super small mama.  AND, I am pretty certain this is our last baby, so why invest in maternity clothes that I KNOW I will only wear for three months? Not to mention, summer maternity SUCKS. Shorts look like they are for 50 year olds . . . really? I mean come on. That or they are like $60 to $100 for cute ones! AND, I had to go purchase new bathing suit bottoms because all the new bottoms I bought last year no longer fit. UGH. So, there went my ego when I realized my butt will probably only fit in my bottoms a little longer! And I only have one pair of bottoms for the rest of the summer. Oh well, right?

On the bright side, I am still down 5 lbs from at this point with Houston . . . I've gained right at 9.5 lbs (including baby) and baby weighs close to a pound. Jess and I went to my 24 week check up on Friday. All checked out well! My blood pressure is 'perfect'. I am starting with Braxton Hicks, strong ones in the down stairs department, but nothing consistent . . . and he said it's normal. Ouch. I have LOTS of pressure down there too, which he said is just my body 'remembering what to do' and that will happen sooner with the second. Great. We were suppose to have another ultrasound this appointment because they didn't get all of Joanie Leigh's measurements on her heart last time . . . but, the techs were in some training on Friday so we have to do it next time at our 28 week appointment. I also do my Glucose screening then . . . YUCK . . . I have to drink a nasty drink to check blood sugar . . . Jess told me she was going to make me funnel it so I don't gag. Oh lawd.

We have pre-registered at the hospital! Yay! One step closer to meeting our lil' girl! We have her room painted. Next is to paint the Crib and other furniture (which I am certain will take a solid two weeks to complete). I am still debating on painting the ceiling . . . well, debating on making Matt do it. Hehe. We have TONS of clothes for her already for the first three months (thanks to lots of friends) and started our diaper collection for her! This past week we cleaned out the attic of all of our 'baby necessities' . . . I told Matt I refused to help if he waited till mid summer when it was 100+ outside . . . so he decided to go ahead and get it all out. Haha. Not to mention we had to put up lots of other things and had no space! Now we need to rearrange our furniture to make room for the swing / bouncy seat / and all other baby things. And her crib bedding is ordered and should be here in the next 6 to 7 weeks! YAY. Super excited for it all to come together!!

23.5 weeks on the lake.
Houston LOVES the lake . . . when he isn't lulled to sleep by the boat rides.