Thursday, June 14, 2012

25 weeks

25 weeks

We have reached 25 weeks. Whew. And I am finally over the nausea hump . . . I think. Fingers crossed, right?

I have successfully gained 15 lbs. -- blah. I am happy that I am still under where I was with Houston, but I would really like to keep it low this go round. I am still experiencing lots of constipation . . . another BLAH. Other than that . . . it's really my only complaint! OH, I have reached the awkward 'bend' . . . I now have to squat. And 'rolling' over in bed is becoming a challenge. Mostly because it's an awkward roll.

This week we have gotten LOTS done in our house. Her crib is now painted! YAY! Her room is painted. We have so many clothes the child wont have to wear one thing twice! j. We have everything we need to complete her room . . . well, most of it. I registered for the things we need . . . mostly to make a list for ME of what to buy each time we go to Buy Buy Baby. Laugh. I cannot remember ANYTHING! Even if I hand write a list . . . I wont remember to bring it.

Houston has been such a big help this week. He has helped rearrange the house. Paint. Help Daddy put the crib together! And even helped mommy with potty training! He has been several times this week! Yay! Even tho there were several 'mishaps' on the floor and once on our bed -- yea . . . we are on our way to being potty trained!! We even had to buy some new undies, Thomas undies!

Stay tuned for some recent pics of H and what all he has been doing!

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