Monday, April 30, 2012

the Bee-g boy bed.

Houston has made the 'big' transition. Which is great. But sometimes I wish I could put him back in that little rectangle 'box' and run . . . because now, it's a hard bargain.

H loves his 'Bee-g' boy bed. He wouldn't get back in his crib to save his life. But now, we have an issue with 'bed time'. We used to have our quiet time. Rock him. Watch one TV show (Two and a Half Men -- his choice and yes, he sings the theme song). Lay him down. Say goodnight and shut the door.


We do all that PLUS read books, say our prayers and then lay with him. We are starting to cut out the TV show . . . mostly because he has started to 'reinact' scenes . . . mostly the 'kissing' scenes. GREAT. Which I die laughing. BUT, I know it's NOT good to let him keep watching it. So, now we rock for a short time, lay down, read our books, say our prayers, lay with him for a moment . . . then 'leave'.


I have been trying to start potty training. So, I tell H every time I have to teetee . . . trying to show him how to 'recognize it' before you teetee in your 'pants'.  At night, I kept telling H I was going to go, 'Teetee in the potty' then go to bed. He would say, 'Otay Mama.' and then lay down and go to sleep.


He says, 'I teetee too, mama.' -- UM, Ok. -- AND HE DOES! He will freely teetee in the potty right before bed . . . OH, and at 4 am. YAY. A great step. BUT, after he teetees, he doesn't go straight to sleep anymore . . . ARGH. I will lay him down. Tell him goodnight. And walk out of his room. TO THEN find his light is on and our child is playing with his cars under his bed.

YEP. UNDER HIS BED. That's what he does now. So we have to drag him out . . . put him back in his bed . . . the the cycle continues. I pop him. I threaten him. I take his lil' cars from him. All while he gets so 'worked up' that then I feel bad. I am afraid if I make it 'not fun' or 'uncomfortable' he will not want his 'Bee-g' boy bed.

Ugh. I am defeated. I know I must continue the discipline.

This child is living up to every expectation of a two year old. Just sayin'.

my silly monkey.

18 weeks.

I am excited to say we are getting closer to our 'half way' mark. A week and a half away from 20 weeks! Whew. Seems like yesterday we just found out. I must say, this is going by a lot quicker than I first thought. It seemed as if the first trimester was dragging . . . but now that we know what we are having . . . the days just fly by!

So far, I have still had some 'morning' sickness . . . aka 'day' sickness . . . It's about every other day I feel queasy or get nauseous. Thanks to the doc's meds. I feel better. I don't really ever crave anything other than a local deli sandwich from Doza Rizen. I think I may have a small addiction . . . whoopsie. But it's so good!

As of now, I have gained about 4.5 lbs (according to my daily weight tracker). But it's hard to tell. I fluctuate so much because I am so constipated. I am on the same prenatal vitamins, which I may be switching soon . . . going to the bathroom once a week just isn't cutting it for me. I take a fiber pill / stool softener / eat pretty regular (I thought) / and sometimes drink a Metamucil drink here or there. YACK. So, we shall see . . .

18 weeks.

 This past weekend, Matt and I spent Saturday rearranging the house for Joanie Leigh's room. Houston is in the transition between big boy and crib . . . which we have made the full transition . . . I just can't guarantee he can go to sleep on his own at night in there . . . ARGH. (stories to come later). Since he 'sleeps' full time in his 'BEE-G Bed' (as his says), we moved the crib out of his room into Joanie's. But in order to do so, we had to first:

1. Move the Guest bed out: Mom and Dad took our mattresses. Then Matt's Uncle Billy wants the frame. So we took down the frame and moved to the garage till they can come get it.

2. Move the Crib: Take down H's crib in his room. Move it to Joanie's 'new' room / old guest room. And then reassemble the crib. (PAIN).

3. Move extra Storage:  We had put some of our extra clothes / blankets / sheets / etc in that room as well . . . so it was time to box them up into tubs and move them to the attic. They are in the tubs . . . but we must conquer the attic another day!

4. Move the dresser:  We have an extra dresser in Joanie Leigh's room / guest room and we wanted to move it to make room for another dresser we are moving it (I'm painting it baby pink. So excited.) But in order to move the dresser . . . we had to move some other things in the house . . . Thanks Daddy for taking care of that :)

5. Reorganize the Attic:  We were POOPED . . . so this is for another day! BUT, it must be done before it's 100 degrees outside! Otherwise . . . I refuse to help!

That was our Saturday. Just the three of us. Houston helped Daddy w. his tools. He was so much help . . . mostly stole them and took the bolts from Matt . . . haha. But, it was worth the chase.

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's a . . .


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

16 weeks too late?

So last week I posted my 16 week update but posted my 15 week picture . . . today I wanted to post my 16 week picture . . . after all, I will be 17 weeks tomorrow.

It's hard to keep up!!

16 weeks +

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

16 weeks.

Yesterday we went to our 16 week check up w. my primary doc (who I LOVE). We listened to the heartbeat . . . still a strong, fast 160. Everything is good, blood pressure is good, weight gain is 1lb. We asked a few questions and at the end, he asked if we had anything else . . . So, I threw in . . . Aren't we suppose to do an ultra sound today? Purely joking. He asked, how far are you? 16 weeks? Yep. Okay. 'Let's do an ultra sound.' -- DO WHAT!? I was joking. Seriously? 'Yes, sure. Why not?'

As Matt, Houston and I waited for the Ultra Sound technician, we were both just so excited. I can't believe we are going to find out today what we were having . . . AH. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

So, we went in to the room. Started the ultra sound . . . and saw are sweet lil' baby. All checked out well. Everything is right on time. Due date is exact. Baby sounds great. Baby looks great. All lil' fingers . . . but couldn't see all the feet . . . lil' devil wouldn't corporate. Shrug. After Matt kept begging and begging for the tech to tell us . . . she said, 'Well, it's still a little early, but we will see . . . ' So, she looked and looked and finally said, 'See those three little lines? Usually that means girl. BUT, then you move it a little this way, and see that? It sticks out a bit . . . could be boy. We will have to wait till your 20 week visit to really tell.'

DANG IT. And we thought we were going to find out today. haha. Oh well. At least we saw the lil' devil and we know that everything is healthy and right on 'target'. 

p.s. I call this thing the lil' devil . . . because it moves SO MUCH. I am only 16 weeks this week, but I feel it all the time. And have been since 12 weeks or so. The first time I felt it was at 8 weeks. I didn't feel constant movement till the 12th week or so. Even the doc said 'that's a fast lil' thing in there' . . . every time he goes to find the heartbeat he ends up chasing it. GREAT. haha. Just what I need. A fast lil' devil running around the house teaming up w. H. against me! Sigh. You know that is what will happen! j. 

And as promised . . . Here are my 9 weeks, 12 weeks and 15 week pictures!

9 weeks.

12 weeks.

15 weeks.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from the Billingsley Family! We hope that you and your family had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

More to come about our day . . . till then, enjoy our family pic of H eating his fruit roll up and my boys who already took their ties off . . . sigh. Mama can't win. j. At least I got them to sit still for a moment. Right?

Friday, April 6, 2012

spring break. WHAT?

It's Spring Break!! What?? I didn't think I get Spring Break since I am no longer in school . . . But, I was wrong! I decided to take a 'lil spring break w. Houston -- OH -- and Jess!

We went Sunday to a friends family beach house in Sunset Beach, NC. We had never been there before . . . and it was so pretty!! A little chilly for us, but the beach was awesome! It was so much longer than at Edisto . . . so H had PLENTY of room to run from where our beach chairs were . . . to the actual water. And it was very very quiet . . . so, it felt like we had most of the beach to ourselves. Such a nice feeling. Not to mention, that they were across the street from beach front . . . so the walk was fast and easy! Whew.

We baked in the sun. Ran up and down the beach. Played soccer / baseball / catch on the beach. Hauled sand in our truck. Pitched fits. Ate plenty. And mostly enjoyed ourselves.

See a few pics from out trip ;) Nothing fancy, I left our camera at home . . . the only thing I forgot . . . must say, that was pretty good for this preggo brain I got.

Even when we got home, we decided to have some fun . . . we went out on the paddle boat and paddled for a good long time . . . I think it was about 2 hours or so. Mom even hooked up Houston's boat he plays with at the shore of her 'beach' on the lake to a string and we took it for a 'stroll' on the lake . . .

Then, Pops found us a fun new pet! a SNAKE!! haha. Houston's face is priceless!!