Wednesday, April 11, 2012

16 weeks.

Yesterday we went to our 16 week check up w. my primary doc (who I LOVE). We listened to the heartbeat . . . still a strong, fast 160. Everything is good, blood pressure is good, weight gain is 1lb. We asked a few questions and at the end, he asked if we had anything else . . . So, I threw in . . . Aren't we suppose to do an ultra sound today? Purely joking. He asked, how far are you? 16 weeks? Yep. Okay. 'Let's do an ultra sound.' -- DO WHAT!? I was joking. Seriously? 'Yes, sure. Why not?'

As Matt, Houston and I waited for the Ultra Sound technician, we were both just so excited. I can't believe we are going to find out today what we were having . . . AH. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.

So, we went in to the room. Started the ultra sound . . . and saw are sweet lil' baby. All checked out well. Everything is right on time. Due date is exact. Baby sounds great. Baby looks great. All lil' fingers . . . but couldn't see all the feet . . . lil' devil wouldn't corporate. Shrug. After Matt kept begging and begging for the tech to tell us . . . she said, 'Well, it's still a little early, but we will see . . . ' So, she looked and looked and finally said, 'See those three little lines? Usually that means girl. BUT, then you move it a little this way, and see that? It sticks out a bit . . . could be boy. We will have to wait till your 20 week visit to really tell.'

DANG IT. And we thought we were going to find out today. haha. Oh well. At least we saw the lil' devil and we know that everything is healthy and right on 'target'. 

p.s. I call this thing the lil' devil . . . because it moves SO MUCH. I am only 16 weeks this week, but I feel it all the time. And have been since 12 weeks or so. The first time I felt it was at 8 weeks. I didn't feel constant movement till the 12th week or so. Even the doc said 'that's a fast lil' thing in there' . . . every time he goes to find the heartbeat he ends up chasing it. GREAT. haha. Just what I need. A fast lil' devil running around the house teaming up w. H. against me! Sigh. You know that is what will happen! j. 

And as promised . . . Here are my 9 weeks, 12 weeks and 15 week pictures!

9 weeks.

12 weeks.

15 weeks.

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