Friday, April 6, 2012

spring break. WHAT?

It's Spring Break!! What?? I didn't think I get Spring Break since I am no longer in school . . . But, I was wrong! I decided to take a 'lil spring break w. Houston -- OH -- and Jess!

We went Sunday to a friends family beach house in Sunset Beach, NC. We had never been there before . . . and it was so pretty!! A little chilly for us, but the beach was awesome! It was so much longer than at Edisto . . . so H had PLENTY of room to run from where our beach chairs were . . . to the actual water. And it was very very quiet . . . so, it felt like we had most of the beach to ourselves. Such a nice feeling. Not to mention, that they were across the street from beach front . . . so the walk was fast and easy! Whew.

We baked in the sun. Ran up and down the beach. Played soccer / baseball / catch on the beach. Hauled sand in our truck. Pitched fits. Ate plenty. And mostly enjoyed ourselves.

See a few pics from out trip ;) Nothing fancy, I left our camera at home . . . the only thing I forgot . . . must say, that was pretty good for this preggo brain I got.

Even when we got home, we decided to have some fun . . . we went out on the paddle boat and paddled for a good long time . . . I think it was about 2 hours or so. Mom even hooked up Houston's boat he plays with at the shore of her 'beach' on the lake to a string and we took it for a 'stroll' on the lake . . .

Then, Pops found us a fun new pet! a SNAKE!! haha. Houston's face is priceless!!

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