Monday, April 30, 2012

18 weeks.

I am excited to say we are getting closer to our 'half way' mark. A week and a half away from 20 weeks! Whew. Seems like yesterday we just found out. I must say, this is going by a lot quicker than I first thought. It seemed as if the first trimester was dragging . . . but now that we know what we are having . . . the days just fly by!

So far, I have still had some 'morning' sickness . . . aka 'day' sickness . . . It's about every other day I feel queasy or get nauseous. Thanks to the doc's meds. I feel better. I don't really ever crave anything other than a local deli sandwich from Doza Rizen. I think I may have a small addiction . . . whoopsie. But it's so good!

As of now, I have gained about 4.5 lbs (according to my daily weight tracker). But it's hard to tell. I fluctuate so much because I am so constipated. I am on the same prenatal vitamins, which I may be switching soon . . . going to the bathroom once a week just isn't cutting it for me. I take a fiber pill / stool softener / eat pretty regular (I thought) / and sometimes drink a Metamucil drink here or there. YACK. So, we shall see . . .

18 weeks.

 This past weekend, Matt and I spent Saturday rearranging the house for Joanie Leigh's room. Houston is in the transition between big boy and crib . . . which we have made the full transition . . . I just can't guarantee he can go to sleep on his own at night in there . . . ARGH. (stories to come later). Since he 'sleeps' full time in his 'BEE-G Bed' (as his says), we moved the crib out of his room into Joanie's. But in order to do so, we had to first:

1. Move the Guest bed out: Mom and Dad took our mattresses. Then Matt's Uncle Billy wants the frame. So we took down the frame and moved to the garage till they can come get it.

2. Move the Crib: Take down H's crib in his room. Move it to Joanie's 'new' room / old guest room. And then reassemble the crib. (PAIN).

3. Move extra Storage:  We had put some of our extra clothes / blankets / sheets / etc in that room as well . . . so it was time to box them up into tubs and move them to the attic. They are in the tubs . . . but we must conquer the attic another day!

4. Move the dresser:  We have an extra dresser in Joanie Leigh's room / guest room and we wanted to move it to make room for another dresser we are moving it (I'm painting it baby pink. So excited.) But in order to move the dresser . . . we had to move some other things in the house . . . Thanks Daddy for taking care of that :)

5. Reorganize the Attic:  We were POOPED . . . so this is for another day! BUT, it must be done before it's 100 degrees outside! Otherwise . . . I refuse to help!

That was our Saturday. Just the three of us. Houston helped Daddy w. his tools. He was so much help . . . mostly stole them and took the bolts from Matt . . . haha. But, it was worth the chase.

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