Monday, April 30, 2012

the Bee-g boy bed.

Houston has made the 'big' transition. Which is great. But sometimes I wish I could put him back in that little rectangle 'box' and run . . . because now, it's a hard bargain.

H loves his 'Bee-g' boy bed. He wouldn't get back in his crib to save his life. But now, we have an issue with 'bed time'. We used to have our quiet time. Rock him. Watch one TV show (Two and a Half Men -- his choice and yes, he sings the theme song). Lay him down. Say goodnight and shut the door.


We do all that PLUS read books, say our prayers and then lay with him. We are starting to cut out the TV show . . . mostly because he has started to 'reinact' scenes . . . mostly the 'kissing' scenes. GREAT. Which I die laughing. BUT, I know it's NOT good to let him keep watching it. So, now we rock for a short time, lay down, read our books, say our prayers, lay with him for a moment . . . then 'leave'.


I have been trying to start potty training. So, I tell H every time I have to teetee . . . trying to show him how to 'recognize it' before you teetee in your 'pants'.  At night, I kept telling H I was going to go, 'Teetee in the potty' then go to bed. He would say, 'Otay Mama.' and then lay down and go to sleep.


He says, 'I teetee too, mama.' -- UM, Ok. -- AND HE DOES! He will freely teetee in the potty right before bed . . . OH, and at 4 am. YAY. A great step. BUT, after he teetees, he doesn't go straight to sleep anymore . . . ARGH. I will lay him down. Tell him goodnight. And walk out of his room. TO THEN find his light is on and our child is playing with his cars under his bed.

YEP. UNDER HIS BED. That's what he does now. So we have to drag him out . . . put him back in his bed . . . the the cycle continues. I pop him. I threaten him. I take his lil' cars from him. All while he gets so 'worked up' that then I feel bad. I am afraid if I make it 'not fun' or 'uncomfortable' he will not want his 'Bee-g' boy bed.

Ugh. I am defeated. I know I must continue the discipline.

This child is living up to every expectation of a two year old. Just sayin'.

my silly monkey.

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