Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the ultrasound

I'm not going to lie, this pregnancy has been a rough one. I am extremely tired, was extremely nauseous (thank goodness it's died down some, thanks meds.) and just plan anxious the whole time. WHY the anxiety? Ugh. I dunno. Maybe it's because I know now how fast the pregnancy flies. I know now that 'time management' in this household is extremely different with one kid than it was when it was just Matt and I. So . . . thinking about ALL the things we NEED to do before baby no.2 gets here, makes me a bit anxious. Esp. with Matt coaching soccer this year, me 'running' my own business, Houston being so 'on the go' . . . I just keep freaking out that we wont have enough time to get everything done before the baby arrives.

When I was pregnant with Houston, we had decided to put the house on the market . . . so I never decorated his nursery because I wanted to 'target' all buyers. So, when we moved . . . I knew that there was no point in doing one then if we were fixing to change his room to a 'toddler' room in a year.  And now is the time that I want to 'fix' his room up for him. We have the furniture in: Check. The bed still needs to be painted:  tick, tick, tick. We have his bed sheets / comforter: Check. Pick out a wall color:  tick, tick, tick. Paint his room:  tick, tick, tick. Now that the crib is moved out, I am hoping (fingers crossed) that will be Matt's next 'task'.

Anyways, I'm REALLY itching to do a nursery since I didn't get to do one last time . . . and with this 'itch' I am finding out how EXPENSIVE it can be! Eeeek. BUT, before we knew we were actually having a girl, I was FREAKING because I knew I wanted to do all these things this go round and just didn't think we would have time. SO, I coned Matt into letting us find out sooner than our 20 week appointment. Wink.

Apparently there are ultrasound technician places around town that you pay, you see your baby, get pics and they tell you the sex of your baby . . . Umm . . . so wish I would have done it with Houston! I just never thought you could see your baby that often . . . But apparently you can! Plus, after asking our OB to do an ultrasound at 16 weeks, Matt and I were extremely excited and HAD to know for sure what we were having . . .

So, at 16 weeks and 5 days, we went! We even got a 15 minute video of the lil' girl! It's too big to upload but I might put it on YouTube for everyone to see :) I know several have been asking and it's so hard to 'distribute' or 'plan a time to show it' . . . but it's the coolest thing! OH, and we have pics . . . that I have kept in my wallet since! And probably should put on here too :) Yet again something on my list of things I NEED to do.

We saw her lil' feet. All 10 fingers. Her cute lil' profile (that looks just like H's when we saw him). We even saw her scratching her head! Laugh. It's too cute! She was about the size of your index finger . . . which is so strange to me that something so small is actually a lil' human.

Houston went with us to the ultrasound . . . he of course could care less. He just played with his cars in the corner! Fine by me . . . cause Matt and I were over the moon when we found out it was for real a little girl in there! Although, I must say, I am kinda nervous to go in for my 20 weeks OB ultrasound . . . what if it's a boy!? AH. haha. Surely they would have seen something, right?

Pics of baby no.2 Joanie Leigh coming soon!

OH, and P.S. I have been looking at little girl things . . . SO ADDICTING . . . and trying to figure out her crib bedding . . . WAY too many choices. I think this is why God gave us a boy first. I would have never survived during the move with a Girl first.

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