Wednesday, May 9, 2012

her name.

As most of you know, we have chosen a name for our little girl . . .

Joanie Leigh

We decided fast, because 'girl' names were the ONLY thing we had picked out. Mostly 'leftover' from our first pregnancy w. Houston. We had originally picked out two names . . . the first go round we were leaning more towards the another name. But, this go round, we told Nana and Papa our options . . . and you should have seen her face when she said, "Joanie" :) Matt immediately was sold. I was more sold on Joanie Leigh vs. name no.1

Before we even got pregnant, we agreed that our children would have one name from the 'Billingsleys' and one name from the 'Kings' . . . that way both sides were covered and we both felt like we both named our child. Therefore . . . her name:

Joanie:  Nana's (Matt's grandma) name is Joan. And Papa will call her Joanie.
Leigh:  My middle name and my Great Grandma's name.

We are so blessed and thankful we are having a girl . . . of course for all the 'sappy' reasons like:  We now get to experience the best of both worlds. And Matt will have a 'daddy's girl'. BUT, because we would have been screwed w. the boy names. We didn't have much left to work from . . . we couldn't agree on anything and we had already started a list of names we 'liked'.  Finally, we threw up our hands and said . . . let's just wait and see if we even need to have this argument. . . and surely . . . we didn't!

P.S. I have pics uploaded from her first 'BIG' ultrasound when we found out were having a lil' Joanie Leigh.

the 4D view of her face and her lil' foot.

one of her lil' feet.

She's a GIRL.

JL scratching her head . . . or beginning to 'twirl' her hair like mama :)

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