Monday, May 21, 2012

21.5 weeks

This past Thursday I hit my 21 week.  We have had such a busy past week . . . so, I haven't had ANY time to write. Now . . . I am resting w. my feet propped up . . . kid playing w. his cars . . . and I'm blogging / editing / working / emailing / etc. . . waiting for a fun photo session this evening. I am truly blessed to have the lifestyle I have.

Thursday our family had a funeral for my Mom's first cousin who passed away from a heart attack. He was 70 :( And such a good man. We, the kids and other first cousins, helped prepare food for the family to eat after the graveside service. We started at 11 and didn't leave the church till 4:30. There were tons more people than we had originally expected. Between monitoring the kiddos and helping serve / socialize . . . I was exhausted before the day was complete! Because that evening, I had to meet with a bride to discuss wedding plans . . . and we didn't get done till 9. Needless to say . . . this mama was tired before the weekend began!

Friday I worked all morning on edits and payed bills and cleaned up a little. I had an engagement session that afternoon downtown and then followed up with a rehearsal dinner for my friend who's wedding I was photographing Saturday. We didn't get home till midnight Friday (Thanks Daddy and GiGi).

Saturday, I woke up and had to run some errands in town before getting dressed for the wedding. I worked the wedding all day from 2 till 10:45 . . . on my feet . . . not much snack / food . . . this mama was beyond tired when she went to bed!!

To wake up Sunday morning to starting laundry / changing sheets / and prepare for Matt's Mom's family photos at 3 . . . Whew. We didn't get home last night till almost 7 . . . and all I could do was SIT.

I woke up this morning just feeling exhausted! I am still that way this afternoon! I can't believe that I would start feeling like this so early! It's not like I am carrying all this extra weight or anything! I still have only gained 6.5 lbs (which I am super excited about) . . . so I wouldn't think that would make my feet / body so tired! I had some nausea here and there this weekend . . . but mostly I started with Braxton Hicks contractions . . . and they kinda hurt! So . . . I'm taking it easy in hopes they ease up.

Despite all the activity and my tiredness . . . Tomme has already posted one pic of Matt and I (Houston was no where to be found . . . and was DONE taking pics at this point because Matt and I were last)    :)

I must say . . . I am proud of myself for look 'so good' knowing I am 'so exhausted'. Now I can look back at the picture and think about how tired I was . . . and not 'look' at how tired I was. Haha.

Other than our busy week / weekend . . . I have had a good 21 week. We have her bedding completely ordered . . . now, all we have to do is wait for it to come in! And start painting!!

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