Tuesday, May 8, 2012

19 weeks

This past Thursday we completed our 19th week and started our 20th. Which ultimately means, HALF WAY! So weird. Half way and we didn't even take our 19 week pic! :( Sad, BUT we have been so busy.

Matt has started the 'playoffs' for CHS Varsity Soccer team. Whew, it's almost over! Maybe another week or two. Depends on if they win the games this week. Then its to 'semi' playoffs and then playoffs. But, Houston, Joanie Leigh and I can't WAIT to get our daddy back. We have been a 'one man show' for a while now and mama is ready to catch up on some work and put her feet up, at least once! We know daddy has enjoyed it and it's allowed him some quality time to himself. So, we can't complain . . . too much. wink.

Not to mention H is sick this week w. a sore throat. He started Friday night with a dry cough and it's progressively gotten worse . . . so today I took him to the doc.  No strep. Thank goodness! Also, I have had several bad days this past week. Just continual nausea . . . blah. I had a really really good day last week and I splurged quite a bit on food (my bad) and it did a toll on me. I forgot how you can't splurge THAT much when your pregnant . . . it can play tricks on you!! Cause I gained a pound and then was so nauseous for two days. Blah. I had flash backs of when I was pregnant with H and I gained 7lbs in one night. AH. Just don't want to do that again! But hey, you just can't help what your body does esp. when your preggo. No wonder Daddy wants to get away!

Excuse my babbling . . . but I didn't upload any recent pics of our crazy family. And no new 'baby' status . . . and funny stories are all I got.

So, today I helped Jess in her classroom. . . WHOA. Thank GOODNESS I am not a teacher. I am pretty sure I could have popped them all right in the middle of the forehead. But that is beside the point. Today one of Jess' students sat next to me at lunch . . . along with 5 other kids who talk the entire time, ask 20 questions each, try to touch your food, spit theirs, and put their nasty hands all over you . . . ANYWAYS, this was our conversation when we arrived back from lunch:

Jess' student:  "Mrs. Erica, you ate too much today at lunch."
Me:  "I did? Why do you say that?"
Jess' student:  "Because your belly is poking out."
Me:  "Honey, It's a good thing your six and I'm in a good mood."

Thanks kid.

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