Tuesday, May 15, 2012

20 weeks

Last Wednesday, Matt and I had our 20 week ultrasound for lil' Joanie Leigh w. our regular OB group. It was great to 1. know that everything is healthy and fine and 2. to be assured she is a girl. During this appointment they did all of her measurements to make sure she is growing like she is suppose too and check for other medical things like down syndrome / cleft palate / check her heart / measure her head / stomach / etc. So far, everything checked out just fine! They couldn't get all the measurements for her heart because she was stubborn and wouldn't budge for the tech.

Apparently I have nothing but stubborn children. H had the same problem during his 20 week ultrasound. But, at the last minute, he moved.  Joanie Leigh, well . . .  she wouldn't budge. She likes to sit all curled up with her chin down to her chest and her knees bent up . . . basically a little ball. Therefore, the tech. couldn't get good measurements of her heart. SO, we have another ultra sound at 24 weeks. Whew. All these ultrasounds is MUCH different than w. Houston. We only had ONE with Houston. I feel a little more excited knowing that I have seen her so much! And already can't wait to hold her.

Below are our images from our 20 appointment :) Enjoy!

Joanie's Lil' Foot.

It's a girl ;)

a lil' profile + her leg

profile and her hand up by her face :)

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