Monday, May 21, 2012


Oh, my little Houston. Sigh. He's not so much little anymore. I lie, in height and weight, yes . . . but as a toddler . . . no. He is growing so much and becoming quite the 'lil' man.

I feel like he just started talking . . . which took him FOREVER to say anything. Just this past January, he started gibber jabbering a good bit. Although we couldn't quite make out exactly what he was saying . . . there were a few words we could understand. Now, 4 to 5 short months later . . . it's full sentences.

'Mommy, I want my race car.'
'Gigi, TB (aka TV) on, please.'
'Da, I wanna go home.'
'I'm racing cars.'
'Ma, I wanna go outside.'
'Mommy, where are all my cars? They at home?'

He is even starting to talk a little on the phone :) Which I LOVE. Because now when Daddy calls . . . it's , 'Houston, say hey to Daddy.' and he says in his cute lil' high pitch voice, 'Hey Da. What you doing?'  haha. It melts my heart. I know it doesn't sound like much OR anything big . . . but Houston NEVER liked to speak on command. And now he is . . . my big boy!

He makes me so proud. He's recently transitioned into his big boy bed . . . I say recently but it's really been a couple months. But the past month he has done exceptionally well in it! We had a rough go at first . . . lots of wake up 'Momma' calls in the middle of the night . . . several fall out the beds (even with rails + pillows surrounding him). But I think we are good to go now!

We are still working on potty training. He was getting up in the middle of the night and going . . . but now, we wont even sit on the potty. I know 'boys go thru phases' where they want to some and then they don't . . . so, we are 'back off' the potty training gig. Ugh. Plan this summer is to be fully potty trained by Joanie Leigh arrives! I don't think Matt and I could handle changing two with diapers! Not to mention by the time she arrives, he will be 3 months shy of being a 3 year old!!! So, we / he needs to get on it!

Anyways . . . I just wanted to give yall an update on our Houston. And how he is still growing! We just did a family shoot with Tomme Hilton of Tomme Hilton Gallery for Matt's Mom's side of the family, the Houston side . . . as soon as we get more images, we will post them! Houston did a great job! And I am super excited that we got an image of most of his great grands + Houston :) Makes me feel so warm that they get to see him grow and now we have an image to last a lifetime!

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