Tuesday, May 29, 2012

cuddle time.

Our bedtime routine is pretty consistent around here. After our bath, we sit on the couch and have our last little glass of 'choch' (aka Chocolate Milk). We watch a lil' TB (aka TV). And then head to bed. WE talk about our day. How much fun we had. How proud I am of him for what he did that day. We cuddle for a bit. Say our prayers. And say 'night'.

BUT, after our lil' boy is asleep . . . Da occasionally goes in his room for some quiet, last minute, cuddle time. It melts my heart when he does that . . . just knowing that Matt wants to go cuddle with him . . . knowing that Matt wants to sleep with him . . . makes me smile.

I sure can't wait for Joanie Leigh to get here for us to have cuddle time with her too!

Till then, enjoy our lil' boy growing up!!
Big boy panties. Choo Choos. Chicken nuggets. Our boy is growing up.

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