Monday, April 15, 2013


April has come and is now half way gone. How is that! So fast.

This month we have all been sick. So far several times. I've had a sinus infection + a bad head cold / virus along with the kids. Now H has a fever of 102.1 and on Tylenol. Blah. Always something, right? I have been doing some contract work for my old company, Pure Fishing. And loving it. I forgot what it was like to do 'real' work. Not that what in doing isn't real. But maybe not as structured. Either way, it's been nice getting back into the 'work field'. It's been exhausting tho. Working till 2 am most nights to keep up with the normal sessions / edits / design work / etc. and in too of being sick.

We were sick over Easter. So we didn't get any Easter pics. Tear. But we 'reenacted' it this past Sunday w the kids. Crazy to see 4, FOUR, kids in the Easter picture now. And next year will make six! That's right. Six. Crazy!

This past weekend my friend Kelli had her first baby shower. It was weird sitting there watching her open presents. Thinking, we are at this stage in our lives??? I mean, clearly. I have two kids. But to see it happening to others!? My goodness. And today, I got a sweet text saying that my soon to be niece (not blood related but I am still claiming her as my niece) Charlee will be here for sure next Tuesday -- that is if she doesn't come on her own before then. AHH! I'm beyond thrilled! All these babies. It feel like yesterday they all told me they were pregnant!!!

And speaking of time flying . . . Have you seen this little girl?????

Gosh. She's beginning to really shine. Her personality is so cute! I can't get enough. She'll be 7 months this week. Gasp.

And this little fella. He's my world.

Growing fast. Talking up a storm. Carrying on conversations. I mean, really!!! I'm not suppose to be talking to my own kid in the phone!!! Sigh.

Anyways, sorry so long since the last post. I said I'd be better this go round. But in not. I try! I also said I would work out better this go round and well. . . Whoops. I am starting too tho. For real! Haha. Stay tuned for results!

Till then, I've decided to wear lipstick. Haha. We will see. Still iffy on it.

// love, mommy //

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Monday, March 18, 2013


Houston:  'Mommy, this my friend.'

Me: 'Your friend? What's his name?'

Houston: 'His name is 'Sir'. See. He right there.'  (pointing to the floor beside him.)

Me: 'Oh yea? I see.'

Houston: 'He shy. He not talk in the woo-woo.' (talking about the police car.)

Me: (trying not to laugh) 'OH. He's shy, huh? He doesn't like to talk in the woo-woo?'

Houston: 'No. Follow me, we need to go put out fires. You honk. You the fire truck.'

haha . . . oh the start to imaginary friends and imaginations growing large! Love it. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Our big girl.

Our JL is now 5 months. How has this happened? I feel it was just the other day we welcomed her. And now she's growing so fast. She is finally sitting up. She still tumbles over and is a little weak. But for the most part, she's a sitter.

We've graduated from stage one food to stage two. And our two bottom teeth have really started to shine.

This week we've introduced juice. Since she isn't a bottle baby, I was nervous she wouldn't even care for juice at all. BUT, she is taking it like a champ. So far, she taken an ounce a day! Whew. Dwindling down on the breast feedings.

JL has still only rolled over a handful of times. (Maybe 20) she can go from tummy to back. But not vice versa.

Tummy time gets the best if JL. She gets so frustrated. Haha. I think because its hard work for those chunky legs.

She's still in 6 month clothes. But I do think she will start pushing 9 mo clothes soon. ESP in the neck area. Ha.

My goodness. I love her too. It's so weird how you can love something so much. I never thought I could share my love (split from H) but I couldn't see my life w.o her.

Here's some photos of her lately.

// love, mommy //

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Catching up

I fell off the blogging train for a little. But I have so much to share! I just couldn't stay away much longer!

JL is 5 months old. Ah. And we now have a sitter. She still wobbles and it doesn't last too long. But it's still a sit. The longest she's done lasted a couple minutes! Whoa-hoo.

We've been at Edisto with my parents since Wednesday. And it's been fun, but exhausting as always when traveling w two small ones who want their own beds. H has done much much better. Sleeps all night. Whew. But JL was up every other hour. Blah. But I will say, we've begun to eat 3 containers of no.2 foods. Ha. PIG. I know.

We've gone to the beach. To the playground. To play putt putt. To shops. And to dinners. All mostly to wear my lil boy out. And he is.

He fell asleep watching the Daytona qualifying races with pops. Haha.

My friend Angela is in from WA. And we have a wedding tonight in Charleston. A friend of ours is getting married!! So, we shall have fun! Daddy's coming too!

But, JL isn't so sure if me leaving her.

// love, mommy //

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Oh goodness. I have to tell this before I forget.

Houston didn't want to sleep in his bed tonight because 'its scary. There Monstors.'

I, of course, talk about how there are no monsters. And how daddy will keep us safe. And that they aren't real. And reassure him is bed is comfy and safe and monster free.

But all H said was: 'YES mommy. There are Monstors. They outside. And daddy punch him. And I say, 'No Daddy. Not do that.' And I bite him. And I have 4 band aids. Car band aids. And I make him all better. I get Monstors all by my self, mommy. You stay here.'

I mean, really? Haha. What do you say to that?

'Ok buddy. But I think daddy can handle it.' Haha.

// love, mommy //

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'Ina hold her.'

. . . These are the words I've been hearing almost every day.

'Ina hold her on my bed.'
'Ina hold her right here.'
'Ina hold her, mommy.'

Once a day, I've been letting H hold 'Toni'. He's done an awesome job at it. I think it makes him feel like a 'big boy' and 'strong'. He just loves her. And tonight, a friend (Poole and Jeremy) asked if they could be H's best friend and he said, 'No. Toni is my bes frien.' Awe. It melted me heart . . . mostly because I am normally his 'bes frien' and now I've been pushed aside! Haha. But pushed aside only to the best, 'Toni'.

Here are a few images of their 'holding time'.

He just sits there with her. And taps his lil hand (the way Earl would do, patiently waiting) and looks around and just talks about whatever.

Also, tonight (well, 4am) JL turned over, RIGHT IN FRONT of me. Except it was after her 4am feeding and she was asleep and probably didn't know she did it. And since she was asleep, I pulled her back to her tummy real fast so she wouldn't wake up. Haha. Oh well, she WILL master it one day for the whole world to see!

// love, mommy //

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Three, he's three. My little boy is 3!
And for those who don't see us often, look! He's such a big boy!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

4 months

My baby girl is 4 months old. I can't believe it. And guess what she got today? A tooth!!! She's a little past 4 months and she got a tooth!! I just knew it!!

We went to the pediatrician last Wednesday for the kids 'well' visits, and we asked her if JL was teething. She said no . . . That its too early fir a tooth! But we were proven wrong!!

Oh how she is growing too fast!! At the doctor, we learned that she is beginning to 'slim' down. She is now in the 50th percentile vs the 75th percentile at her 2 month visit. Laugh. She's overall doing everything she should be!

She's rolled over 7 times now. I FINALLY witnessed it this morning on the baby monitor. She's eaten carrots and bananas! And LOVES it. Still isn't sure about rice cereal tho. But I can assure you she isn't hurting for food! She still hates the bottle! And I've tried putting milk and rice cereal in a sippy cup . . . She drank about 1/2 an ounce. Haha.

Check out 'boogie'.

OH. And we've had rsv. Which she's been doing a lot better!! Her cough still sounds bad. But that's it! She's still a happy happy girl!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi there. I may be sick with RSV, but I can still nap pretty good.

And I found my tongue!

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H is 3

H is 3 and he had 3 celebrations. One at our home, one at JoJo's and one at school.

Ours at home was an Octonauts party. Don't ask. It's a cartoon he loves! And no toys are here in the US yet. Weird. I know. But it was Houston's only request. So, my attempt to an Octonauts party is displayed below.

Mom made him a Captain Barnicals (one of the characters) hat. We had 'crab' sandwiches. And Captain Barnicals marshmallows. I had a cake made too! Which turned out so awesome!!

Then Jojo had a small party. Just our normal Sunday dinner with chocolate cake! Yum!!!

And last, his birthday celebration at school! He was so cute! And all excited about it! All the kids (10) sit at the table for snack. They say the blessing / sing happy birthday / blow out the candle / open a gift / eat a cookie.

Overall, I think he had a good birthday. He had a terrible cold the week of his birthday. But despite the nasty cold, he was excited each day.

Enjoy the pics!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

To the mountains we will go.
To see all the snow.

Oh wait. Nope. We didn't make it : / and we were all packed and ready.

Maybe next year?

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My boys.

This past weekend we made our first adventure as a family if 4. We left the house for a 2.5 hr drive that took us nearly 3.5 hrs. Sigh. I guess it could have been worse.

H peed in his carseat 30 min down the road. So we had to stop and buy a towel to sit on and new pants. (Easier than digging in the back to find his bag and I wasn't sure I brought enough pants incase we planned to stay longer than one night. Which we did.) Then he fell asleep on our way down. Which meant he wouldn't go to he'd at a decent hr. GREAT start.

We went to Mt Pleasant to visit some friends. Their little boy was turning a year old! His party was quite the success and soooo cute! It was great catching up with friends and seeing many we haven't seen in years. However, it was exhausting!!

There were three couples at the house. The other two couples would put their kids to bed at 7:30 / 8:30 while mine would stay up till midnight. Haha. Would be me. Oh well. They would sleep till 7:30. Which was pretty good for me since my kids normally don't travel well. But mine didn't do too bad.

H sleeping on 'his bed' a lil couch we pushed up against the wall backwards so he wouldn't fall out. Haha.

There was a 3 year old (Houston), a 1 year old (Miller), an 11 month old (Collins) and a 3.5 month old (Joanie). I didn't get near the pictures I wanted. But I spent a lot of time rounding up my kids and being exhausted.

Here is Collins peeking at JL.

When we returned home, it was catch up time on sleep . . . For the boys!

I'm still catching up. But it was fun!

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I try.

I'm going to be a big girl soon. 4 months old. And I like to try to sit with mommy's help of course.


I'm pretty cute, huh?

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Food, mmmm.

For the past two weeks or so, JL has been getting up for a 4 or 6 am feeding. Exhausting. Not sure why. But I had gotten used to those 9 to 11 hr stretches at night. So, having interrupted sleep again was hard.

I got to thinking. SHE'S GOING TO BE 4 MONTHS OLD! Which means, not only is baby girl growing up . . . She can now have rice cereal!!

Clearly she's a little shy of 4 months. But lets face it, 'Girls gotta eat!'

We introduced rice cereal last week. JL hated it at first. Cried her eyes out. For an hour after we fed it to her. Now . . . She can't get her mind off it. We have it for mid morning snack and right before bath / bed. Twice a day. And the past couple nights, she's slept 11 hrs!! A-mazing!

However, lil booga boos denied me yesterday (she still won't take a bottle) and I think it was because she wanted more rice cereal. Haha. She must really like the way it makes her full!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013