Monday, April 15, 2013


April has come and is now half way gone. How is that! So fast.

This month we have all been sick. So far several times. I've had a sinus infection + a bad head cold / virus along with the kids. Now H has a fever of 102.1 and on Tylenol. Blah. Always something, right? I have been doing some contract work for my old company, Pure Fishing. And loving it. I forgot what it was like to do 'real' work. Not that what in doing isn't real. But maybe not as structured. Either way, it's been nice getting back into the 'work field'. It's been exhausting tho. Working till 2 am most nights to keep up with the normal sessions / edits / design work / etc. and in too of being sick.

We were sick over Easter. So we didn't get any Easter pics. Tear. But we 'reenacted' it this past Sunday w the kids. Crazy to see 4, FOUR, kids in the Easter picture now. And next year will make six! That's right. Six. Crazy!

This past weekend my friend Kelli had her first baby shower. It was weird sitting there watching her open presents. Thinking, we are at this stage in our lives??? I mean, clearly. I have two kids. But to see it happening to others!? My goodness. And today, I got a sweet text saying that my soon to be niece (not blood related but I am still claiming her as my niece) Charlee will be here for sure next Tuesday -- that is if she doesn't come on her own before then. AHH! I'm beyond thrilled! All these babies. It feel like yesterday they all told me they were pregnant!!!

And speaking of time flying . . . Have you seen this little girl?????

Gosh. She's beginning to really shine. Her personality is so cute! I can't get enough. She'll be 7 months this week. Gasp.

And this little fella. He's my world.

Growing fast. Talking up a storm. Carrying on conversations. I mean, really!!! I'm not suppose to be talking to my own kid in the phone!!! Sigh.

Anyways, sorry so long since the last post. I said I'd be better this go round. But in not. I try! I also said I would work out better this go round and well. . . Whoops. I am starting too tho. For real! Haha. Stay tuned for results!

Till then, I've decided to wear lipstick. Haha. We will see. Still iffy on it.

// love, mommy //

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