Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the bug.

This week, we had the stomach bug. Yay us! Luckily, it was just Houston and I . . . Matt and Jess by passed it -- so far.

I woke up early Monday morning at 3:30am to make a 'fast walk' to the toilet . . . thinking I might puke. Of course, me, thinking about what I ate the day before, I kept talking my self out of it. Saying, 'Don't do it, Don't do it.' And luckily, I didn't. At All. Since I have been so nauseous and sick during this pregnancy, the doc prescribed me Zofran to help keep some of the 'sickness' down. I took my Zofran early and took a spoonful of Emetrol (thanks Jess for feeding it to me). Layed on the bathroom floor for about an hour and then finally made it back to bed for a quick nap before Houston woke up.

When H got up, he was fine . . . till he drank his milk . . . and threw up all over the living room chair. GREAT. As I cleaned it up and gagged to the smell, I called mom and asked for help :) And the sweet lil' lady she is, came to work from my house! She ran to get me more meds. Sanitized my home. Folded my laundry. Washed my bed sheets that Houston then threw up the rest of his milk all over. Planted me some flowers. And took care of my sick child and I. All while working.

Thank goodness, all Houston did was throw up twice and poop once. A very nasty poop. I, of course, gagged the entire time I cleaned him up. But it wasn't constant. And thank goodness I never puked (thank you Emetrol and Zofran) and because I was so constipated from my prenatal vitamins, I didn't have bad diarrhea. Whew.  But the stomach cramps were unimaginable.

And now . . . that sweet lil' lady that helped me w. my stomach bug . . .  has the stomach bug of her very own : / Sorry BobBob. Houston and I didn't mean to get you sick.

Hope this gives you a good laugh.

Meanwhile, because I had the bug and because I have been so constipated, the doc wanted to see me. I went in today at 14 weeks. Check up was fine. Blood pressure was good. Urine was good. Weight gain, none (duh, I haven't eaten in two days).  But, I am now like an old lady who has to drink Metamucil every day till I get regulated. Blah. We did get to listen to baby no. 2 heartbeat. :) It was strong and fast! at 160.  Doc said that it's a fast lil' moving thing in there, he could barely keep up with baby no.2 -- haha. Makes me smile.

He asked what I thought I was having . . . I still have no clue. However, daddy was quick to say, 'Girl. I think Girl'. He named baby no.1 on the dot, a lil' boy! So, maybe daddy is right. And today the doc agreed w. daddy, 'I am going to guess a lil' girl too, based on this heartbeat. But who knows. You'll start getting an instinct soon.'  But I don't think I will. I don't really remember thinking Houston was a boy or a girl. I honestly didn't know . . . and didn't care. Cause I knew God was going to give me whatever I needed. So . . . We have 6 more weeks till we find out!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

daddy's games

Most of our week nights consist of Soccer games. Jess, Houston and I have attended quite a few of daddy's games. Here a few snap shots of what we three do during the games! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Our week.

Today I thought I would share with you a funny lil' story that happened yesterday.

Yesterday morning, Houston and I got into the shower / got clean / got out / dried off / put my bra and panties on / went to get a diaper . . . and Houston decided he would run from me. Go figure that. The boy hates to put clothes on. So, I let him run 'free' for a moment. In the meantime, I continued with my 'daily routine'. Within two / three minutes, as I finish putting my lotion on . . . Houston comes into the bathroom with a confused look, holding one finger up in the air, pointed to me and said, "Ma, I pooo-ped". All while the tip of his finger had 'poop' on it. GREAT. Then he looked down at his leg and pointed to a dime size black / brown thing and said, "Ma, I pooped". UGH.

I grabbed the wipes. Cleaned him up. Asked him WHY he didn't tell me he had to poop before hand. Then I asked, "Did you poop anywhere else?"

He took my finger and said, "I show you, Mommy. I pooped." SERIOUSLY Kid!

And he had. Right behind our recliner where he normally 'hides out' to poop in his diaper, was indeed a LOG.

Thanks Houston.

 .  .  .  .  .  . 

Onto another note, our week has been VERY hectic. I have had three photo sessions, going on four this weekend . . . not to mention all the other stuff I NEED to do. And Daddy has had 3 games with one tonight. Whew. This family is TIRED.  I haven't cleaned the house in 2 weeks. Maybe? I can't stand that feeling. Today I went to the grocery store for the first time in a month. Maybe? Uh, who knows. Spent $300 if that tells you how bad we needed to go!

I can't say too much tho. Matt and I started collecting diapers each time we went to the store when we were pregnant with Houston . . . that way we didn't have to buy many at first while we were trying to 'figure things out'. So, I have been starting that again . . . stocking up on diapers / wipes / shampoo / lotion / A&D. All the baby NEEDS. So that was a chunk of my $300 bill.

This week we are 13 weeks. Gasp. Seems like yesterday we just found out! But we still have a LONG way to go! We are officially out of the First Trimester! Starting the second! I am feeling better. I have had a little more energy this week. Thank goodness, cause I needed it with all that I've been doing. I can't say much about the pregnancy. Things haven't changed much other than energy and the sickness level. I don't crave anything. I would say I might be a bit moodier than last pregnancy. Key word, Might. j. I have only gained 1lb so far. Whew, I am really hoping to control that a bit more this pregnancy. I gained 37 with Houston . . . mostly blew up at the end . . . but I really want to 'stay on track' this go round. 

I have a few images that I have taken . . . but you can't tell ANYTHING! I am just in the 'fat' stage. Where non of my pants are comfortable buttoned . . . and I hate wearing my 'tight' tees. I will post the images later. So you can compare and see the 'growth' . . .

But other than that . . . we are busy busy.  And working working. And living that daily routine of a life! Nothing exciting and nothing boring! Always something to do!

This weekend we are going to a friends house who are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for kids . . . and we are super excited to see Houston this year. He has really grasped the concept of 'finding the eggs'. We have practiced a little at BobBob and Pops house . . . so, who knows! I till take photos and post them for you all to see! AND, I will get an updated photo of H soon :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I now remember why I love the 'blogging' world so much. It is my digital diary. And now being pregnant w. baby no.2, I constantly go back and look at what was happening in 'my' world w. baby no.1 (Houston). I like to compare the pregnancies and remember what I went thru during the same weeks I am now.

However, I know I am going to REGRET once I start going back to the last year or so . . . cause I slacked off big time!! Tear. I wish I would have written more as Houston grew up in the last year. But, dang. Mama's can't do it all! I was working / Adjusting to mommyhood / Adjusting to staying at home / realizing that time flies / working on my marriage / etc. Whew. The real world is hard.

Till that time comes, I am going to continue to document what I can / when I can!

Right now, I am two days shy from completing my 12th week. Meaning, I am officially OUT of the 1st Trimester! I still get a little sick now and again. Blah. But, it's NOWHERE near what it was. I mostly get real nauseous . . . that's about it. I am still really tired and I am dying to have an energy boost sometime soon!

*Pics of the lil' growing belly will come soon. I haven't taken many yet, tear. Because Matt kept telling me he wanted to be the one to photograph the bump of baby no.2 -- but, soccer has officially taken over his life till the season ends! So, on that note, I will be doing it again! This round will have better quality images. Wink.

As for Houston, he still doesn't quite understand what is to come. He says 'bay-bee' a lot and he shakes his head really fast, 'yes', when you ask him if he wants a baby. Silly monkey. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

heartbeat no.2

This morning, Matt and I heard the heartbeat of baby no. 2 . . . all we did was smile. And ask if there was only one, of course!! Three times. j.

Dr. Guidice, my primary OB saw us this morning for my 10 o'clock appointment that lasted till 11:20. Whew. I had to do so many things . . .

1. Pee in cup
2. Weight
3. Blood pressue
4. Heartbeat
5. Give blood -- Whew, didn't pass out.
6. Make 16 week Apt.

And the entire time, we were smiling. Mama and baby no.2 are healthy. All looks good and sounds good. We were scheduled for an ultra sound but they decided against it since he only heard ONE heartbeat. 

For those of you asking WHY we were so worried about one or two . . . WELL, let me inform you of ALL the signs we had.

1. Everyone kept telling me I was pregnant at Christmas . . . When I could assure EVERYONE I wasn't . . . due to a little visitor. BUT, I was quickly proven wrong when 2.5 weeks later and three pregnancy tests told me we were indeed pregnant.

2. Everyone then kept telling me it was two. Hard to not believe them, esp. when they all seemed to be so right with #1 above!

3. We found out so early . . . 3.5 weeks actually. Most women who find out early tend to have higher hCG levels due to twins. YIKES.

4. I started w. PUPPS on my belly at 6 weeks. PUPPS is an itching rash that many get in their last trimester before delivery. I started it w. Houston at 18 weeks. It tends to mean that 70% have boys or it's common in multiples. Yea. Twins.

5. At first, I started growing so fast. I gained about 5 lbs in the first week or so. But now I have lost it and not gained any and still half a lb. down pre-baby due to #6.

6. I ended up being so sick. SO sick compared to Houston. Blah. Gagging in the kitchen sink daily, lead me to say, 'I am never getting pregnant again.'

7. OH, our family is due for a natural set.

8. I have had outbreaks of itchy palms and itchy feet. It's lead to believe that sometimes it's a boost of hormones . . . which usually happens in twins.


Today was confirmed, ONE healthy lil' baby. And a fast lil' heartbeat at 165.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


'ba-bee' is our recent obsession. everything is a ba-bee.

This ba-bee stays a 'Bob Bob and Pops' house - my parents. It's Josie's baby doll that she plays with. She has two lil' baby beds that this 'ba-bee' and another doll sleep in. Recently, Houston has discovered the 'ba-bee' and he constantly holds her / rocks her / puts her to 'seep' and of course without meaning too, he beats her up.

It's nice to know that he has this recent obsession w. the ba-bee . . . hopefully it will 'die down' a bit for when the actual 'ba-bee no.2' gets here. When he helped me hold Hudson, one of the boy twins in our family, he was a wittle bit attached.  He kept saying. 'I want more' and 'He's mine.' We might have some 'seperation' issues to work out.  j.