Monday, March 12, 2012

heartbeat no.2

This morning, Matt and I heard the heartbeat of baby no. 2 . . . all we did was smile. And ask if there was only one, of course!! Three times. j.

Dr. Guidice, my primary OB saw us this morning for my 10 o'clock appointment that lasted till 11:20. Whew. I had to do so many things . . .

1. Pee in cup
2. Weight
3. Blood pressue
4. Heartbeat
5. Give blood -- Whew, didn't pass out.
6. Make 16 week Apt.

And the entire time, we were smiling. Mama and baby no.2 are healthy. All looks good and sounds good. We were scheduled for an ultra sound but they decided against it since he only heard ONE heartbeat. 

For those of you asking WHY we were so worried about one or two . . . WELL, let me inform you of ALL the signs we had.

1. Everyone kept telling me I was pregnant at Christmas . . . When I could assure EVERYONE I wasn't . . . due to a little visitor. BUT, I was quickly proven wrong when 2.5 weeks later and three pregnancy tests told me we were indeed pregnant.

2. Everyone then kept telling me it was two. Hard to not believe them, esp. when they all seemed to be so right with #1 above!

3. We found out so early . . . 3.5 weeks actually. Most women who find out early tend to have higher hCG levels due to twins. YIKES.

4. I started w. PUPPS on my belly at 6 weeks. PUPPS is an itching rash that many get in their last trimester before delivery. I started it w. Houston at 18 weeks. It tends to mean that 70% have boys or it's common in multiples. Yea. Twins.

5. At first, I started growing so fast. I gained about 5 lbs in the first week or so. But now I have lost it and not gained any and still half a lb. down pre-baby due to #6.

6. I ended up being so sick. SO sick compared to Houston. Blah. Gagging in the kitchen sink daily, lead me to say, 'I am never getting pregnant again.'

7. OH, our family is due for a natural set.

8. I have had outbreaks of itchy palms and itchy feet. It's lead to believe that sometimes it's a boost of hormones . . . which usually happens in twins.


Today was confirmed, ONE healthy lil' baby. And a fast lil' heartbeat at 165.


  1. I see Dr. Guidice and Dr. Grumbauch! I love, love SC Ob-Gyn! Hope you are doing well :)

  2. That's a fast heartbeat! Might be a sign of a little girl!!