Friday, March 23, 2012

Our week.

Today I thought I would share with you a funny lil' story that happened yesterday.

Yesterday morning, Houston and I got into the shower / got clean / got out / dried off / put my bra and panties on / went to get a diaper . . . and Houston decided he would run from me. Go figure that. The boy hates to put clothes on. So, I let him run 'free' for a moment. In the meantime, I continued with my 'daily routine'. Within two / three minutes, as I finish putting my lotion on . . . Houston comes into the bathroom with a confused look, holding one finger up in the air, pointed to me and said, "Ma, I pooo-ped". All while the tip of his finger had 'poop' on it. GREAT. Then he looked down at his leg and pointed to a dime size black / brown thing and said, "Ma, I pooped". UGH.

I grabbed the wipes. Cleaned him up. Asked him WHY he didn't tell me he had to poop before hand. Then I asked, "Did you poop anywhere else?"

He took my finger and said, "I show you, Mommy. I pooped." SERIOUSLY Kid!

And he had. Right behind our recliner where he normally 'hides out' to poop in his diaper, was indeed a LOG.

Thanks Houston.

 .  .  .  .  .  . 

Onto another note, our week has been VERY hectic. I have had three photo sessions, going on four this weekend . . . not to mention all the other stuff I NEED to do. And Daddy has had 3 games with one tonight. Whew. This family is TIRED.  I haven't cleaned the house in 2 weeks. Maybe? I can't stand that feeling. Today I went to the grocery store for the first time in a month. Maybe? Uh, who knows. Spent $300 if that tells you how bad we needed to go!

I can't say too much tho. Matt and I started collecting diapers each time we went to the store when we were pregnant with Houston . . . that way we didn't have to buy many at first while we were trying to 'figure things out'. So, I have been starting that again . . . stocking up on diapers / wipes / shampoo / lotion / A&D. All the baby NEEDS. So that was a chunk of my $300 bill.

This week we are 13 weeks. Gasp. Seems like yesterday we just found out! But we still have a LONG way to go! We are officially out of the First Trimester! Starting the second! I am feeling better. I have had a little more energy this week. Thank goodness, cause I needed it with all that I've been doing. I can't say much about the pregnancy. Things haven't changed much other than energy and the sickness level. I don't crave anything. I would say I might be a bit moodier than last pregnancy. Key word, Might. j. I have only gained 1lb so far. Whew, I am really hoping to control that a bit more this pregnancy. I gained 37 with Houston . . . mostly blew up at the end . . . but I really want to 'stay on track' this go round. 

I have a few images that I have taken . . . but you can't tell ANYTHING! I am just in the 'fat' stage. Where non of my pants are comfortable buttoned . . . and I hate wearing my 'tight' tees. I will post the images later. So you can compare and see the 'growth' . . .

But other than that . . . we are busy busy.  And working working. And living that daily routine of a life! Nothing exciting and nothing boring! Always something to do!

This weekend we are going to a friends house who are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for kids . . . and we are super excited to see Houston this year. He has really grasped the concept of 'finding the eggs'. We have practiced a little at BobBob and Pops house . . . so, who knows! I till take photos and post them for you all to see! AND, I will get an updated photo of H soon :)

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