Thursday, March 1, 2012


'ba-bee' is our recent obsession. everything is a ba-bee.

This ba-bee stays a 'Bob Bob and Pops' house - my parents. It's Josie's baby doll that she plays with. She has two lil' baby beds that this 'ba-bee' and another doll sleep in. Recently, Houston has discovered the 'ba-bee' and he constantly holds her / rocks her / puts her to 'seep' and of course without meaning too, he beats her up.

It's nice to know that he has this recent obsession w. the ba-bee . . . hopefully it will 'die down' a bit for when the actual 'ba-bee no.2' gets here. When he helped me hold Hudson, one of the boy twins in our family, he was a wittle bit attached.  He kept saying. 'I want more' and 'He's mine.' We might have some 'seperation' issues to work out.  j.

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