Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the bug.

This week, we had the stomach bug. Yay us! Luckily, it was just Houston and I . . . Matt and Jess by passed it -- so far.

I woke up early Monday morning at 3:30am to make a 'fast walk' to the toilet . . . thinking I might puke. Of course, me, thinking about what I ate the day before, I kept talking my self out of it. Saying, 'Don't do it, Don't do it.' And luckily, I didn't. At All. Since I have been so nauseous and sick during this pregnancy, the doc prescribed me Zofran to help keep some of the 'sickness' down. I took my Zofran early and took a spoonful of Emetrol (thanks Jess for feeding it to me). Layed on the bathroom floor for about an hour and then finally made it back to bed for a quick nap before Houston woke up.

When H got up, he was fine . . . till he drank his milk . . . and threw up all over the living room chair. GREAT. As I cleaned it up and gagged to the smell, I called mom and asked for help :) And the sweet lil' lady she is, came to work from my house! She ran to get me more meds. Sanitized my home. Folded my laundry. Washed my bed sheets that Houston then threw up the rest of his milk all over. Planted me some flowers. And took care of my sick child and I. All while working.

Thank goodness, all Houston did was throw up twice and poop once. A very nasty poop. I, of course, gagged the entire time I cleaned him up. But it wasn't constant. And thank goodness I never puked (thank you Emetrol and Zofran) and because I was so constipated from my prenatal vitamins, I didn't have bad diarrhea. Whew.  But the stomach cramps were unimaginable.

And now . . . that sweet lil' lady that helped me w. my stomach bug . . .  has the stomach bug of her very own : / Sorry BobBob. Houston and I didn't mean to get you sick.

Hope this gives you a good laugh.

Meanwhile, because I had the bug and because I have been so constipated, the doc wanted to see me. I went in today at 14 weeks. Check up was fine. Blood pressure was good. Urine was good. Weight gain, none (duh, I haven't eaten in two days).  But, I am now like an old lady who has to drink Metamucil every day till I get regulated. Blah. We did get to listen to baby no. 2 heartbeat. :) It was strong and fast! at 160.  Doc said that it's a fast lil' moving thing in there, he could barely keep up with baby no.2 -- haha. Makes me smile.

He asked what I thought I was having . . . I still have no clue. However, daddy was quick to say, 'Girl. I think Girl'. He named baby no.1 on the dot, a lil' boy! So, maybe daddy is right. And today the doc agreed w. daddy, 'I am going to guess a lil' girl too, based on this heartbeat. But who knows. You'll start getting an instinct soon.'  But I don't think I will. I don't really remember thinking Houston was a boy or a girl. I honestly didn't know . . . and didn't care. Cause I knew God was going to give me whatever I needed. So . . . We have 6 more weeks till we find out!

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