Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I now remember why I love the 'blogging' world so much. It is my digital diary. And now being pregnant w. baby no.2, I constantly go back and look at what was happening in 'my' world w. baby no.1 (Houston). I like to compare the pregnancies and remember what I went thru during the same weeks I am now.

However, I know I am going to REGRET once I start going back to the last year or so . . . cause I slacked off big time!! Tear. I wish I would have written more as Houston grew up in the last year. But, dang. Mama's can't do it all! I was working / Adjusting to mommyhood / Adjusting to staying at home / realizing that time flies / working on my marriage / etc. Whew. The real world is hard.

Till that time comes, I am going to continue to document what I can / when I can!

Right now, I am two days shy from completing my 12th week. Meaning, I am officially OUT of the 1st Trimester! I still get a little sick now and again. Blah. But, it's NOWHERE near what it was. I mostly get real nauseous . . . that's about it. I am still really tired and I am dying to have an energy boost sometime soon!

*Pics of the lil' growing belly will come soon. I haven't taken many yet, tear. Because Matt kept telling me he wanted to be the one to photograph the bump of baby no.2 -- but, soccer has officially taken over his life till the season ends! So, on that note, I will be doing it again! This round will have better quality images. Wink.

As for Houston, he still doesn't quite understand what is to come. He says 'bay-bee' a lot and he shakes his head really fast, 'yes', when you ask him if he wants a baby. Silly monkey. 

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