Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We welcome, Joanie Leigh

I have lots to blog about and catch up on . . . till then, I wanted to leave you with a few photos from the 'start' to Joanie's Newborn Session. I say 'start' because every time we 'start' a session, she poops or pees or spits up EVERYWHERE. She's a gassy lil' thing!

.   .   .   .   .  

Joanie Leigh  //  9.19.12   //  8lb 6oz  //  20in

Joanie Leigh  //  5 days new

Joanie Leigh  //  7 days new

Monday, September 17, 2012

38 weeks

At this point today, I have two more days until the arrival of Joanie Leigh. We are very excited . . . but very nervous. I have been physically drained. My Braxton Hicks Contractions are constant. They tend to stay between 6 and 10 minutes apart. Never consistent. I waddle everywhere. And typically when I walk or sit in an uncomfortable way, I get pains in both legs. I am emotionally challenged! Laugh. Don't mention the 'cry' word . . . or I will start. Not sure why. But Jess has asked me twice if I was about to cry and of course, the works turned on! Argh. Hormones. I have slept decent the past two nights, but I need to catch up from the last 5 weeks! Needless to say . . . I'm ready for a little bit of normalcy.

My 38 week appointment was on Thursday of this past week (hey, it's hard to keep updated).  I checked out fine! Baby girl is WAY down (of course). And I am 2 cm dilated. My weight gain is (so far this morning) a successful 27.5 lbs. Still proud! I have REALLY splurged the last couple days in the 'eating' department . . . whoops! But hey, I don't have much more time left for me to do that! Right? The doc. said my belly was measuring at 36 weeks vs. 38 but he thinks that's because she has already dropped.

*My goal is to walk into the hospital the day of our induction and already be 4 cm :) A girl can dream! We go in Wednesday morning at 6am to be induced! I'm a bit nervous, now that I know what induction is all about . . . and I am emotional about Houston. BUT I am more excited to meet Joanie and add to our lil' family.

Below is my 38 week photo. It's a few days past our 38 week mark.  It's hard to get someone to take my pic! Mostly, it's hard for me to get dressed to look decent. Laugh. It takes too long! Not to mention, this week most of my clothes have started to get too small. None of my dresses 'stretch' over the bump (well, I have two dresses). And I have several shirts that cover my belly fully. My belly usually pokes out the bottom! haha. I've refused to purchase any more maternity clothes since this is my last pregnancy . . . I can pass the wardrobe to someone else! j.

38 weeks, 3 days

Next post will be a photo of my Joanie Leigh + my last belly photo at 39 weeks! AH. I can't believe it's time!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

7 days

Today marks our '7 days' till we meet Joanie . . . unless she comes on her own between now and then. Matt and I have been talking about how crazy time has flown. How it just seems like the other day we decided we even wanted to add another Billingsley Baby to our mix. And now . . . it's time for her to become a part of our family. AH. Enter freak out mode. But really. Where did the last 9+ months go?

I think that Matt and I are ready . . . Well, ya know . . . as ready as we can be. However, we aren't quite sure that our first born, Houston, is as ready as we want him to be! Sigh. One can wish. We have talked with Houston time and time again about us bringing a baby home to stay with us. He knows her room. He knows her toys. He knows her beds / swings / etc. He prays for her every night before bed.  He points to her in my tummy. I'm just not sure he 'gets' it. But then again, how do you prepare an almost 3 year old that a baby is coming to stay forever.

I'm not going to lie. I have had my 'melt downs' that my lil' boy isn't a lil' boy anymore. He's growing up so fast. And when reflecting on how fast the past 3 years have gone . . . I cry because I know Joanie Leigh's going to grow just as fast. Tear. I keep having to ground my self and not skip ahead. Matt mostly does that for me. Laugh. I always think in advance . . . and right now, I need to just keep my head in the moment!

SO, the next time I blog will be about my 38 week appointment (that's tomorrow) . . . and then . . . right at 39 weeks, we will deliver our first lil' girl! Till then!

Joanie Leigh's Room

Matt and I have finally finished her nursery . . . well, mostly! There are still a few things I can't decide upon OR a few things we still have left to do  (i.e. paint the ceiling baby pink + crown molding and rearrange a few things) BUT for the most part, this is it!

Monday, September 10, 2012

37.5 weeks

Today leaves us at 10 days until Joanie's for sure arrival! WEIRD!

We had our 37 week check up on Friday with my primary OB . . . and NOTHING has changed from the week before. So, we are still on our way . . . just waiting! My weight gain is still good! Right at 26 lbs! I still can't sleep. Insomnia has set in . . . going on week 5 of no sleep. I waddle EVERYWHERE I go . . . and walking only gives me painful contractions that don't stay! Argh. We are working on getting baby girl to 'come on her own' before our induction date . . . but we know she will only come when she's ready!

And of course, Gigi had to jump in while being so cute for our 37 week picture! This week I'm feeling more exhausted than ever and starting to 'puff' up . . . while she's still sporting her cute lil' self! j.

37 weeks, 3 days mama   |   Gigi

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

36 weeks and counting.

Before I forget to post my 36 week picture . . . even tho tomorrow marks the complete of our 37 week . . . here it is. Belly and all. It was also Clemson's first game, so I busted out my purple dress for Joanie Leigh :)

36 weeks, 2 days

We went last week (Friday, 8.31.12) to our 36 week appointment and scheduled for me to be induced! Her now arrival date (at the latest) is 9.19.12 . . . I, of course, am still banking for her to come earlier . . . laugh, what mother doesn't at this point. But, I am excited whatever may happen.

At our appointment, my OB said she is WAY down, I am effaced and one cm dilated. WHICH, we all know, you can stay like that for weeks. BUT, considering I hardly made this much progress at 41 weeks with Houston, I'd say that's much more progress for Joanie Leigh! Fingers crossed. I've had painful contractions the last couple days, that my body is now sore from them. If anything, let's hope when I go in to be induced, I will be half way there! Laugh. A girl can dream, right?

2 yr preschool

Today, Houston started his first day of 2 year old Preschool. The past two years he has been in MMO (Mother's Morning Out) and never really been a fan. Of course the teachers loved him and said he played fine . . . but getting him there was always a challenge. Houston isn't one to wake up and go . . . he's like his daddy and needs time to get a grasp on the day. Which is fine . . . but come one dude!

So this morning was a rough start. He didn't wake up till 8:15 (which he normally wakes up at 7:30 or 7:45) and we needed to leave at 8:35 . . . try getting this child up / fed / dressed / in the car in 30 minutes . . . was challenging. There was LOTS of 'smooth' talking about school and how much fun he would have and how we needed to get going so we could play . . . he was SO excited. WAS. Till we got to school and I walked him in . . . and 4 of the 9 kids were crying for their parents. GREAT. Way to be late me. Now I have scared child who looks at me and says, 'Mama, stay.' because he didn't know what to do with all the other criers. haha. Poor thing.

Of course I had to make a run for the door when he got to playing . . . but he noticed and looked at me with the saddest face!! And then my hormones got the best of me . . . I started to cry too. DANG IT. I would always do fine at MMO . . . mostly laugh as I walked out. I know, I know. Great mom I am! j. But, at least I never cried! This time, I got into the truck and had to get a tissue. Seriously!

Other than our dramatic cry moment . . . Houston was excited. He picked out his shirt and shoes. He smiled the whole way to school. Talked about how Wes goes there too. Told me that I was going to pick him up. Said he wanted to play on the play ground. PROMISED he wouldn't teetee in his diaper so we could wear big boy undies the next day. Fingers crossed on that one! He probably peed his pants once he walked in with all the other criers. j.

Take a look at his first day of 2 year old preschool :) I didn't take an 'professional' pictures . . . I just snapped a few on my phone. I mean, it's not 'real' school is it? Gosh, I'm awful!

Houston walking to the truck with his book bag on  //  him standing on our front porch ready for school  //  Houston and I before he walked into his room with his name tag on (he didn't want to take his picture alone)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

'my backpack'

Houston starts 2 year old Preschool this week! And we had to purchase a 'full size' book bag for him to put all his 'artwork' and 'papers' in for the year. Unfortunately for my 'midget', they SWALLOWED him and he could barely walk. SO, we had to settle for a smaller full size book bag. Laugh . . . if that even makes sense.

The task to purchase this new bag was horrid. Jess (Gi-Gi) and I went to Target Saturday to look for him a new 'back pack' (he likes to call it that . . . that's to Dora the Explorer). Well, of course I waited till the LAST moment to purchase a new bag . . . there wasn't much of a selection. It was either Thomas the Train / Dora the Explorer (pink and purple) / Transformers (or some other weird 'fighting' show) -- all other book bags were 'full size' and there was no way possible he would be able to 'tote' it around. So from these three choices, guess which 'backpack' Houston wanted . . . YEP. . . DORA! Oh gah. The pink and purple book bag. After discussing with him that we are a 'boy' and can't get that . . . he decided he didn't want anything. GREAT. He kept pushing us out of the aisle, telling us, "NO! Put back GI-GI!" or "NO! I no like, MaMa." . . . and pushing the buggy out of the aisle. YAY me. Maybe after 10+ minutes of arguing with a toddler about his book bag, Jess finally snuck it into the buggy without him looking. WHEW.

After our sneak purchase and getting it into the house . . . he now LOVES it. And wont hardly put it down. So . . . we are ALL ready for school!

We even took it to the Chapin Labor Day Parade and he used it to haul his candy in. Laugh. I'll be surprised if he takes it off at school!! j.