Monday, September 10, 2012

37.5 weeks

Today leaves us at 10 days until Joanie's for sure arrival! WEIRD!

We had our 37 week check up on Friday with my primary OB . . . and NOTHING has changed from the week before. So, we are still on our way . . . just waiting! My weight gain is still good! Right at 26 lbs! I still can't sleep. Insomnia has set in . . . going on week 5 of no sleep. I waddle EVERYWHERE I go . . . and walking only gives me painful contractions that don't stay! Argh. We are working on getting baby girl to 'come on her own' before our induction date . . . but we know she will only come when she's ready!

And of course, Gigi had to jump in while being so cute for our 37 week picture! This week I'm feeling more exhausted than ever and starting to 'puff' up . . . while she's still sporting her cute lil' self! j.

37 weeks, 3 days mama   |   Gigi

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