Tuesday, September 4, 2012

'my backpack'

Houston starts 2 year old Preschool this week! And we had to purchase a 'full size' book bag for him to put all his 'artwork' and 'papers' in for the year. Unfortunately for my 'midget', they SWALLOWED him and he could barely walk. SO, we had to settle for a smaller full size book bag. Laugh . . . if that even makes sense.

The task to purchase this new bag was horrid. Jess (Gi-Gi) and I went to Target Saturday to look for him a new 'back pack' (he likes to call it that . . . that's to Dora the Explorer). Well, of course I waited till the LAST moment to purchase a new bag . . . there wasn't much of a selection. It was either Thomas the Train / Dora the Explorer (pink and purple) / Transformers (or some other weird 'fighting' show) -- all other book bags were 'full size' and there was no way possible he would be able to 'tote' it around. So from these three choices, guess which 'backpack' Houston wanted . . . YEP. . . DORA! Oh gah. The pink and purple book bag. After discussing with him that we are a 'boy' and can't get that . . . he decided he didn't want anything. GREAT. He kept pushing us out of the aisle, telling us, "NO! Put back GI-GI!" or "NO! I no like, MaMa." . . . and pushing the buggy out of the aisle. YAY me. Maybe after 10+ minutes of arguing with a toddler about his book bag, Jess finally snuck it into the buggy without him looking. WHEW.

After our sneak purchase and getting it into the house . . . he now LOVES it. And wont hardly put it down. So . . . we are ALL ready for school!

We even took it to the Chapin Labor Day Parade and he used it to haul his candy in. Laugh. I'll be surprised if he takes it off at school!! j.

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