Wednesday, September 12, 2012

7 days

Today marks our '7 days' till we meet Joanie . . . unless she comes on her own between now and then. Matt and I have been talking about how crazy time has flown. How it just seems like the other day we decided we even wanted to add another Billingsley Baby to our mix. And now . . . it's time for her to become a part of our family. AH. Enter freak out mode. But really. Where did the last 9+ months go?

I think that Matt and I are ready . . . Well, ya know . . . as ready as we can be. However, we aren't quite sure that our first born, Houston, is as ready as we want him to be! Sigh. One can wish. We have talked with Houston time and time again about us bringing a baby home to stay with us. He knows her room. He knows her toys. He knows her beds / swings / etc. He prays for her every night before bed.  He points to her in my tummy. I'm just not sure he 'gets' it. But then again, how do you prepare an almost 3 year old that a baby is coming to stay forever.

I'm not going to lie. I have had my 'melt downs' that my lil' boy isn't a lil' boy anymore. He's growing up so fast. And when reflecting on how fast the past 3 years have gone . . . I cry because I know Joanie Leigh's going to grow just as fast. Tear. I keep having to ground my self and not skip ahead. Matt mostly does that for me. Laugh. I always think in advance . . . and right now, I need to just keep my head in the moment!

SO, the next time I blog will be about my 38 week appointment (that's tomorrow) . . . and then . . . right at 39 weeks, we will deliver our first lil' girl! Till then!

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