Monday, September 17, 2012

38 weeks

At this point today, I have two more days until the arrival of Joanie Leigh. We are very excited . . . but very nervous. I have been physically drained. My Braxton Hicks Contractions are constant. They tend to stay between 6 and 10 minutes apart. Never consistent. I waddle everywhere. And typically when I walk or sit in an uncomfortable way, I get pains in both legs. I am emotionally challenged! Laugh. Don't mention the 'cry' word . . . or I will start. Not sure why. But Jess has asked me twice if I was about to cry and of course, the works turned on! Argh. Hormones. I have slept decent the past two nights, but I need to catch up from the last 5 weeks! Needless to say . . . I'm ready for a little bit of normalcy.

My 38 week appointment was on Thursday of this past week (hey, it's hard to keep updated).  I checked out fine! Baby girl is WAY down (of course). And I am 2 cm dilated. My weight gain is (so far this morning) a successful 27.5 lbs. Still proud! I have REALLY splurged the last couple days in the 'eating' department . . . whoops! But hey, I don't have much more time left for me to do that! Right? The doc. said my belly was measuring at 36 weeks vs. 38 but he thinks that's because she has already dropped.

*My goal is to walk into the hospital the day of our induction and already be 4 cm :) A girl can dream! We go in Wednesday morning at 6am to be induced! I'm a bit nervous, now that I know what induction is all about . . . and I am emotional about Houston. BUT I am more excited to meet Joanie and add to our lil' family.

Below is my 38 week photo. It's a few days past our 38 week mark.  It's hard to get someone to take my pic! Mostly, it's hard for me to get dressed to look decent. Laugh. It takes too long! Not to mention, this week most of my clothes have started to get too small. None of my dresses 'stretch' over the bump (well, I have two dresses). And I have several shirts that cover my belly fully. My belly usually pokes out the bottom! haha. I've refused to purchase any more maternity clothes since this is my last pregnancy . . . I can pass the wardrobe to someone else! j.

38 weeks, 3 days

Next post will be a photo of my Joanie Leigh + my last belly photo at 39 weeks! AH. I can't believe it's time!

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