Wednesday, February 22, 2012

this girl.

Hi all! Here lately, this girl has about had it w. all this morning sickness crap. I have not felt this helpless in . . . I can't even tell you how long. The last 'spell' of this was about three weeks ago -- when I had a horrible cold / flu like virus that then turned into a severe sinus infection + morning sickness (and it all lasted for two weeks). I started feeling much much better the last week . . . to the point where I began thinking that wow, 'Maybe it was all at once and now it's over' . . . In a way, I was kinda lucky for that. But now, I am getting another 'wave' of morning sickness. UGH. I know the old sayings, "The sicker you feel, the healthier the baby." But, lets be real . . . that's for the birds. I wasn't hardly this sick AT ALL w. H and (in my opinion) he was a pretty healthy baby.

The worst part about this go round, is that my sickness lasts ALL DAY. I go to bed w. it, wake up w. it, talk myself out of gagging all day, and complete the cycle w. going to back to bed w. it. BLAH. The smell of food / preparation of food / thought of food makes me GAG. I can't stand up fast, much less get up to pee w.o feeling a bad swarm of nausea. We have just completed week 9 and all I can think of is . . . 3+ more weeks of this jazz. GREAT. I live off Emetrol, a nausea medicine for Children that was KEY when we all had stomach virus' last year (twice).

Today, I was lucky to have my sister help me. She picked H up from school and had him all afternoon. THANK GOODNESS! Mom and dad helped me A LOT last time and I still can't thank them enough for what all they did for me! But, dang . . . I know plenty of people go to work feeling this way / deal w. their own kids / TEACH (ugh, couldn't imagine) / do plenty of things . . . but I keep feeling like my life is coming to an end! I mean really Erica . . . Get a grip! Right? I have to constantly tell my self, you did it FINE w. the first one! I drove to work / worked all day / lived a 'normal' life w. H . . . Why can't I do it w. this one!

It's safe to say . . . baby no.2 is completely different! WHICH, I have always said . . . baby no.2 will be 'Hell on Wheels' . . . and w. only 9 weeks in . . . I'd say my 'motherly instinct' is CORRECT.


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  2. You poor thing! So sorry you're feeling this bad. Maybe it's a girl!! ;)

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