Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Food, mmmm.

For the past two weeks or so, JL has been getting up for a 4 or 6 am feeding. Exhausting. Not sure why. But I had gotten used to those 9 to 11 hr stretches at night. So, having interrupted sleep again was hard.

I got to thinking. SHE'S GOING TO BE 4 MONTHS OLD! Which means, not only is baby girl growing up . . . She can now have rice cereal!!

Clearly she's a little shy of 4 months. But lets face it, 'Girls gotta eat!'

We introduced rice cereal last week. JL hated it at first. Cried her eyes out. For an hour after we fed it to her. Now . . . She can't get her mind off it. We have it for mid morning snack and right before bath / bed. Twice a day. And the past couple nights, she's slept 11 hrs!! A-mazing!

However, lil booga boos denied me yesterday (she still won't take a bottle) and I think it was because she wanted more rice cereal. Haha. She must really like the way it makes her full!

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